🚨 UPDATED! 2019 Infinti QX60 Pure AWD, 209 + tax + msds, TDAS: doc/bank/dmv. Home delivery available. [NJ/CT]



Can I use VPP code from my friend?
If yes, Does he have to be on Lease?


As long as you are married to him, he doesn’t have to be in the lease.


If you want to use his vpp, he has to cosign


Thank you!


Please send me the dealer details. Thank you


@nyclife can you please send me the dealer contact info? I’m ready to take deliver immediately. Thanks


Can you please PM me the dealer contact.


@junw, @Coolgc, @ashburn - read before asking for the dealer contact. And he’s also a broker.


What’s VPP Code ? My Acura TLX lease is due next week and looking a new lease - very much interested…and I can rtavel to NY from MD … let me know if this deal is still possible…thank you


Discount code offered to certain businesses, giving their employees a little more discount than someone walking in off the street. As with rebates, VPP should be factored in after sales price has been nailed down.

You can enter your company email address here to see if you qualify…


I am qualified for VPP discount true my employer… called today to get a lease quote with no out of pocket money ! offered $399 month ? what do you think ? it is for QX60 Pure - forgot to ask if it is AWD or not ??


You have to put more info there to judge your 399/m quote. Trim,msrp at least. It could be a good deal if it is a somewhat loaded luxe. But if it is pure awd, even 15k per year with no up front cost will put you below 300 using the calculator within this thread.


How come CA dealers are no where close to this price…


Unfortunately; I did not ask all the info… It was pure awd with 12K per year with ZERO up front cost… What kind of #s should I ask ? Appreciate your advise…


If you can use MSD,definitely use it. Depends on your region, the lowest is likely in NJ/CT area,where you are looking at ~280/m with tax and fees lumped into monthly payment assuming you also qualify for conquest. I saw a post that 305/m in CA, there are other users shared their experience in other areas. Search forum for qx60 2019, you will find more reference points. Maybe, there are users from the your state/area, then certainly you can have better leverage. Good luck.


I did some more research ! and the trick to go < $300 month is only possible if we can buy the car around 39K Range (llooks like MSRP is around 47K in my area - I live in MD/DC/VA region) without using VPP and Conquest… will do some further shopping… I am still not sure how the price is down to $205 on above calculations ? even with 60% residual …

Car MSRP 47K x 60% residual : $28,200

$39,000 car price - $28,200 = 11K to pay / 39 months = $282 month considering the Money Factor is even at ZERO ? not saying it is not true ? but buyer must be somehow coming up with some cash to get this deal with above numbers with the most simple math


wouldn’t you subtract the rebates from the sales price if you did the math that way?


As @FORTNITE says, to get to the lowest monthly payment you need to account for the 1500 conquest and 1500 VPP, otherwise your payment will be higher. Look at the calculator links in the first post.


I did include the rebates / discounts to bring down the price purchase price of $39,000.00 from MSRP of $47,000.00 ?

The key question to the forum members who can help ? can anyone able to buy QX60 Pure AWD at $39,000.00 without considering VPP and conquest or loyalty discounts ?

If so; deal would sound to be possible …


Click on the calculator link in the first post of the thread. 39198 price on a 47020 msrp, then 3000 incentives added in later. So if you purchase through Quentin’s deal (@nyclife), you would pay ~17% off before incentives.