UPDATED: ‘17 BMW M3 MSRP 92.4k, $5k Down, $496 + Tax


This is a private lease transfer of a close friend in So Cal. Vehicle has been driven for 8 months with remaining 16 payments and is clocked in at 5462 miles on the odometer. Vehicle is also equip with BMW full Alcantara roof roughly $3,000 option that was added after time of purchase, and is inclusive of 2 rear tires. Only notable damage is a small scuff on back right rim, seen in pictures below. Transfer fee will be paid by assumer.

Contact Ed at (818) 468-3843 for inquiries


MSRP: $92,445
Down Payment: $5,000
Monthly Payment: $543 (Based on So Cal Tax)
Term: 16 of 24 months remaining
Mileage Allowed: 21,683
MF: .00186
Residual: 67%
Region: So Cal


-Yas Marina Blue Metallic
-Black Full Merino Leather
-Competition Package
-Driving Assistance Plus
-Executive Package
-Lighting Package
-M Double-clutch Transmission
-M Carbon Ceramic Brakes
-Parking Assistant
-Apple CarPlay Compatibility

Your effective payment is $1,043/mo for the next 16mo. You can walk into a dealership and get a brand new M3/M4 for less than that with the same options. You’re gonna have to cut down how much you’re asking as a payment.


This is a high mileage (13XX a month unless I’m misreading), relatively short term lease. I don’t think much incentive is required, personally. I would say the bigger issue is the risk of having that cap cost put down and lost…

Roughly 472~ a month, He’s had the car for 6 months and starting mileage was 1,683

He’s open to offers car does have custom interior + Tires. He’s not in a rush though $500~ payment on a fully loaded M3 isn’t the worst car to drive around.

Yeah but the $8k down payment pretty much kills this deal…


But that 8k down is a killer since it’s not msd
There’s a similar ride on bimmerforums for 800 all in with zero down full of BMW performance goodies

Haha great mind think alike

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To get this straight, the $8k down isn’t an MSD? Is this serious lol?

You of all people should know that the money payment doesn’t really matter, it can be $1 if you pay everything up front. You have to add the 8k into the monthly.


It does — but @Samson did say it’s negotiable, which certainly helps for someone who might be interested.

In the defense of the OP, that $8k is already in the rear view, so as far as the original leasee is concerned, it’s only costing him $500/month to keep driving it.

I do love that Marina blue, though. Mmmm

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I spent a couple of months last summer trying to get a good deal on an M3, I’d missed the boat at that point (MF went up, residual down) but on swapalease you could get a DCT M3 from ~$800p/m on East or West coast.

For a fair deal on this I think asking the original lessee to eat 8/24 = 1/3 of the $8k would be fair. Otherwise they effectively leased a $90k M3 for $4k for 8 months.

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The current m3/m4 is getting phased out. I would assume a deal can be had in April (end of financial year) or end of the year

I’m also in the hunt among several other cars

It’s a lease take over the monthly payment is fixed. That is not correct, it is a lease transfer the contract is already established, so on a lease transfer the monthly payment does matter.

He loves the car, but considering getting something different he even told me if it doesn’t move he’s fine sticking with it.

MY18 is phased out for M4, need to look for an M3.

Crazy he’s already starting to get over it cause it’s a beautiful car!

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Yes the monthly is fixed but for your mental math you have to add in the upfront cost to determine your true monthly.
Again you can brag about a $1 monthly payment all day long and not mention the 60k drive off…


I think mentally anyone can divide 8k by the remaining monthly payments. When the Drive off is fixed in the case of a transfer me listing the adjusted payment in the title would be misleading because the leaser does not have a choice in the case of a transfer. “Yah i’ll give $4000 and can you take $10 of the monthly” Is not a working process in this specific case.

How is me literally saying “8k down” in the title “not mention[ing] the 60k drive off…” Did you read the post, let alone the title?

Updated 1/22 $8,000 -> $5,000

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