Update...21% OFF-Best Deal I have seen: Porsche Macan (Former Loaner) - $55K MSRP-$540 PM (base) for 39 months with upfronts down: $1800



2018 Macan in Volcano Grey with Black Interior

MSRP is $55,080 (please see build sheet)

Only one car available at this price right now in Massachusetts.

39 Months / 10K w $5000 DAS - $496 PM (includes 6.25% MA tax)
w upfronts down of $1800: $573 (includes 6.25% MA tax)

39 Months /12K w $5000 DAS - $517 PM (includes 6.25% MA tax)
w upfronts down of $1800: $595 (includes 6.25% MA tax)

(Does not include $399 Broker Fee)

MSRP: $55080, Cap cost(selling price):
43475(21% discount!),
.00250 Porsche subvented Money Factor,
$29407.20 residual

2018 Jaguar F-Pace 25T Premium $543 36/7.5, $1.2k DAS MSRP $50k+



You need to register as a business


I did today. I guess it just needs time for the admins to approve? I submitted it all today.




Looks like it just approved




$650/month for the 4-cyl? What’s the price reduction?


Is this still available ? I’m interested.


Yes it is. PM me if interested




As constructive criticism maybe consider posting these deals based on standard DAS fees and no CCR. You’re basically playing the dealer game with the low monthly based on CCR and given you were a poster here before a broker I think you know better.


Good feedback. Not trying to play a game here so no need to so critical as everyone is different.

That’s just how we’ve been quoting them.

Dealer game would be “ x down “ when “x” only represents cap cost.


I think that’s what “basically” means lol


Cant please everyone on this site. Whadda ya gonna do?

Hopefully someone looking for a great deal on a Macan will see the value in this and take advantage.


These are actually terrific numbers on a car that has historically leased very poorly. They’re the best I have seen on it.


Hopefully I didn’t come off as being ‘so critical’, like Aron said you’re posting legit deals that are already strong without adding in CCR


Can you break it down for us.

Sales price?
Can you break down the drive offs?

Can I drive up from NJ to sign the papers or do you have to be a MA resident?


No problem if you’re from Jersey. You just may need to come up twice since MA doesn’t do temp tags.

Would need to put a deposit on it tomorrow and sign by Friday.