Update...21% OFF-Best Deal I have seen: Porsche Macan (Former Loaner) - $55K MSRP-$540 PM (base) for 39 months with upfronts down: $1800



Deal is still available! 21% off a macan!


Deals on Porsche’s were a thing of the past until this guy started posting the heat…


Thanks man! Would love to see someone pick this up. Cheapest Macan I have been able to find by atleast $75-100 per month


Arguably the best deal in the country…Someone has gotta pick this up!


How’s the payment change if you do 24 months or 7500 miles. Or both ?


24 months will add at least $100 per month with only upfronts down but 7500 miles will bring the payment down about $25