UPDATE: 2019 E450 Wagon Lux, $76K MSRP, $458/mo + tax, 48/10K, $300 Drive-off

2019 Mercedes-Benz E450 Wagon Luxury Trim
MSRP: $76K
Monthly Payment: $458.38 + 7.75% tax = $493.90
Drive-Off Amount: $300
Months: 48
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00001 w/6 MSDs ($3,300)
Residual: 46%
Incentives: 1st Month Rent Credit
Region: Northeast / Connecticut


What was the selling price and what incentives aside from first month credit were applied?

Money wise this is a good deal, I just can see myself driving the same car for 48 months. With that said I wonder if in the 2n or 3rd year you could leaseswap.

sick deal. seems like 48 months with the idea of swapping early is the way to go for MB leases

MSRP = $75,980
Selling Price = $54,791
Discounts = Fleet, Loaner, Loyalty, Dealer contribution

Lease swap option: yes, I have swapped three cars in the past

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In case anyone is looking, incentives ended in June. And even if a dealer punched a car, MBFS is no longer leasing 2019s. Wish I had seen this deal earlier.

Congrats on a great deal.

Thanks. That is the exact leverage I used to get the deal in May.

Wondering how do lease swap when MBFS is not doing it anymore?

I wasn’t aware of the change. Doesn’t matter as I plan to keep the car till lease maturity. It’s a sweet ride and has the features that matter. Hopefully, by lease end, the new S and/or new E will have been out long enough that there will be attractive deals.