UPDATE: 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia [$349mo+tax, 10k Miles, 24 mos.]

Updated as of 09/25/2017

Looks like the Giulia and the Stelvio are getting cheaper as we creep closer to the new year!

In addition I called the dealership to match the $0 drive off offered by OC fiat and they said they can do it


Past Post:

Or you can do drive offs $2,141 for $299 a month +tax.

It’s not a killer deal- but it’s a start if anyone is interested in this new car and 24month lease 10k miles

Link to inventory: http://www.ocfiat.com/inventory/New-Alfa_Romeo-Giulia/

MSRP: [$40,340]
Selling Price: [$37,840]
Rebates: [$2,750 Conquest (Must show competitive lease)]
Trade-in: [None]

Months: [24]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [1.24%]
Residual: [62%]

Security Deposit: [Alfa Romeo does not offer]
Total Due At Signing: [$0]
Monthly Payment (Not including tax: [$392]

Mention Alex (me) cause I negotiated back and forth with the guy to save the LH family some time.

Kevin Thomas
Customer Relations Manager
Orange Coast Alfa Romeo
2524 Harbor Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Definitely the best I’ve seen so far. I might try my luck later this year. Dunno about the big cities but by me I’m not really seeing them at all and they’ve got a lot on the lot. Somethings gotta bend at some point.

Their labour day special was a little better. 4 dollars more a month, but had 1k more in options. However, does the 392 include the conquest?

I hope they offer quadrifoglio deals soon. I want to try one out.

Just slides in under 1% :slight_smile:
For a 2 year lease that’s decent IMO.

Unfortunately I need the sports exterior and interior at a minimum.

All 10 of their misano blue Giulia lack the paddle shifters :confused:

Geez… all these picky hackrs on options…

Does it include conquest?

Shoot… you’re right- I need to add that in there!

Options are key. Having some options is always better than having no options.

Of course- but sometimes adding a single option or package can skyrocket your payments due to change in residuals.

Alex just to clarify, are they offering better than the advertised deal if someone contacts them based on your negotiation? The specifics of the terms you posted seem to be basically what they are already promoting on their website.

Mine is verrry slightly lower- I post this because it’s within our LH rule of thumb and hopefully some folks will continue the negotiation.

Anyone know the RV / MF for a 24 month 30k lease?

Hi eveyone

This is the deal I am about to close on, let me know what you think:

36mo / 10k
$0 down
MF 0.00053 (0.00052 for 24mo)
Residual 52% (62% if I wanted 24mo)
MSRP: ~ 42,000
$35,200 after rebates and discounts
$455 /month (36 mo) for 24mo its $480

$500 in documentation
No tax on this price

Giulia Base model w/
Sports exterior package
Sports interior package
Cold weather pkg
8.8"HD display Pkg


you’re only getting 5% discount if we assume $4500 rebates.

i think you could push for better, then again i’ve only looked at 24 month leases not 36

Do you have Honcker in your area? In SoCal, Honcker is offering it for cheaper than your offer right now.

That’s still high…

Which they will probably never use…

Hi. New here. Can anyone tell me if this is a good deal? Sorry that the image is blurry. When I click the document twice from my computer it clears up. Thanks for the help.