Update 12/05. Great deal! 2019 ACURA MDX BASE, AWD, 36/15, $469/m +DMV DAS, TECH $525/m +DMV DAS, 36/12 NJ,NY,CT



the dealer will replicate the deal. Let me know if You need help. Free info.


Not sure if I am to late just joined. Is this deal still available and if so how do I get the dealer info. Sorry novice here


i sent You a PM.


I am on Long Island. Can you please PM me the dealer info? Thank you


I did PM you.


Any success with the $450 a month? Im in Tampa as well. Best offer i have received is $449 plus tax for 10k for a base. Your quote is showing a tech model not a base.


No. Ended up (happily) with $480 per month, 12,000 miles, no money upfront except first payment and got them to tint the windows. Next closest price was $550 per month (at Regal) and Crown wouldn’t even go to $550.


Nice deal i may check them out i am assuming its Ferman? Any specific sales person you would recommend?


Yes, Ferman. I think our deal had to do with the fact that we bought a 2011 TL from Ferman, and then a 2012 MDX and 2013 TL from Regal thereafter (after some really insulting numbers from Ferman). I gather this was Ferman’s way of winning our business back and not losing a third car to Regal. All deals are done by the sales manager so the salesperson you have is frankly irrelevant. Good luck.


Great deal


did you finalize the deal?


Not sure if that question was directed at me, but yes.


Great. Enjoy.


Not yet. Difficult to get to LI, I am from CT. However for that price even LI not to far


LoL. Good luck


Please update me on this. Thanks


Still avail? Please share dealer info !


I did PM you


Still available.


Can I also get the dealer info?