Update 12/05. Great deal! 2019 ACURA MDX BASE, AWD, 36/15, $469/m +DMV DAS, TECH $525/m +DMV DAS, 36/12 NJ,NY,CT


Is this a good deal?
Below saved on calculator. Drive-off is just first payment ($459) and DMV ( $375)
Thank You in advance for any advice


About the best I’ve seen on this car. Excellent considering the mileage and it’s a 2019


I think its a great deal. I have been tracking mdx base deal and this ties to my best 12k 36 mos offer. do you mind sharing dealer info?


Can you please PM the dealership name and also the MSRP. Also is the tax included in $459


you can click the LH link. Tax included in monthly payment.


Please PMed dealership info excellent deal


Please PM dealer into. Thank t


it is in NYC area.


Anybody interested? I have a few deals with very similar number available for base and also great numbers for tech. The dealer is on Long Island , NY

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plz pm im interested thank you


Please pm me the dealer info. I’m on Long Island


Please PM me the info, I live in NJ right outside of NYC and am interested in getting the same deal.




i’m interested as well. would appreciate it if you could pm the dealer info. thanks in advance!


I am interested as well. In NJ. Pls PM me and thank you


You gotta be registered here to peddle deals.

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Hi. Can you please forward information for dealerships with same offers in Long Island. Looking to get MDX ASAP.


Can you please PM dealer details? Looking to get MDX ASAP.


i did Thanks


see your mailbox


can you also pm me dealer info. thanks