Update 12/05. Great deal! 2019 ACURA MDX BASE, AWD, 36/15, $469/m +DMV DAS, TECH $525/m +DMV DAS, 36/12 NJ,NY,CT



Can you PM me dealer info also as well? Thanks


i just did. Thanks


ok. check Your mailbox


@jassiek - can you send me the dealer info as well
Thanks in advance


updated title. If anybody interested. i am helping :slight_smile:


see your mailbox


Congrats !!!


Can you PM dealer info as well? Thank you


See your mailbox


Please PM me too. Thank!!


Do you have an updated calculator with the Tech numbers? I may be interested but I don’t need 15K miles, I’m in NYC, and I want to pay tax (etc) upfront.


see your mailbox


What are the $2700 in incentives you have in the calculator?


This is Acura to dealer incentive for base trim
See below a forum with this info


Been following forum for a long but just signed up. Looking for the MDX in NJ. If deals still available, can you PM Me the dealer?

Thank you guys for your help!


Do you have a lease calculator for an AWD MDX with tech?


Could you PM me as well. After 30 years of buying we are considering leasing the exact same MDX. Just happened to stumble on the website and your post and now trying to learn the ins and outs of leasing and admittedly a little confused at the moment.


I’m in Tampa. Haven’t quite pulled off the deal you got by any means and the quote below is on a base (not AWD) and 10,000 miles:

Thinking about going to the dealership today and trying to get the $466 payment down to $450 and get the miles updated to $12,000.

Seem realistic to request that?


Thanks for any thoughts.


I am not familiar with numbers for FWD.