UNICORN? SIGNED - 2020 Aston Martin Vantage $235k MSRP ; $1650 w/tax ; $5k Drive-Off ; 36/10k

2020 Aston Martin Vantage
Loaded $235k MSRP (these cars start at $150k) Not a True Demo - 45 miles at delivery
Monthly Payment: $1650 w tax
Drive-Off Amount: $5000
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00051
Residual: 56%
Incentives: $5k Porsche Conquest
Leasehackr Score: Something around 12…

+$1500 for $0 Deductible, Unlimited Claims, Wheel/Tire Insurance (about +$44/mo)

Thoughts on this deal? Pics to come…


Great Deal!

Terrific deal - congrats! Looks like AM is trying to dump Vantage stock at their fiscal year end, just look at the numbers

What was the discounted price?

Crazy dealll!!

But is it “fully loaded”?


It’s an Aston, so does that mean machine guns behind the headlights?


Good deal…10,000 miles per year is a lot for an exotic. You can daily drive this baby

That’s well worth it. I think the Vantage and the BMW 850 are the best deals out there right now from what I have seen.

Pics please!

Of course! download


about $45k off MSRP

this will be my daily, replacing my C300 Cab you can check out here

$250k? Boy that’s a lot of stuff on there. It’s a great deal nonetheless. I have been daily driving my vantage since July. Sticker on mine was $179,900, I’m paying $1622 a month before taxes. I put nothing down and Aston Paid my first three mos of car payments. So roughly $1500 a month. I did get the Porsche conquest, but not as much for some reason, but total discounts were $20k plus the $4800 in payments they made.

If you’re in the southeast let me know, my buddy and I both got the vantage as the same time.


Great deal! Beats the 1699$/ mo w/o tax I got on a meager 2019 Vantage. Ha


Yeah, did he take the deal? Do pics exist? Please don’t leave us hanging!


I’m going to add an AMR stripe in Lime Essence, so if anyone knows a good shop in LA that can do stuff like that fairly soon, please PM me. Also, if anyone wants my C Cabriolet, please check out that thread mentioned above.

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Sick! Is that the AMR manual?

The color is called Sterling Green. It’s $11k and not really on the configurator, so a special order. It’s actually the AMR special color scheme, with the Lime Essence accents. Everything on the outside is carbon. Inside has nice contrast stitching and comfort/tech packs. I did end up paying about $1500 for the wheel & tire protection, which has a $0 unlimited claim policy for the rims and tires. I just hope Chase won’t screw all of us over at lease end with wear and tear fees. I’m also installing Sliplo ASAP to not scratch any of the carbon.

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