Unicorn etron. Please be ethical and don’t share my emails or texts with other dealers . Let them give you a price

75795 MSRP 3500 DAS +MAX MSD
659+tax 7500 miles a year

Sam Yadegari


Can you be more specific regarding the incentives/trunk money for individual models ?


What senwia said


Hope it’s on A6’s and hope it gets extended to March, when my lease is up!

Probably something similar https://m.carsdirect.com/deals-articles/audi-offering-nearly-18-000-reason-not-to-buy-a-redesign

I’m hopeful… in Cali looking to lease within a week or so. Turning in my Bmw next week.

Im curious about Q7/Q8 pricing

I have some vin specific cash
Call me tomorrow please

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Which models ?

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My friend was offered $30k of an A8. Not sure how much was incentives though.

Interesting. I’ve been trying to get a Q7 3.0 for a while. Almost had one last week but it didn’t pan out.

I wish you just post some of the deals, for example how much is a Audi Prem Plus Q5 white, 3 or 4 year lease 10 or 12k miles a year with carplay. I have owned 5 Audi’s before. Nor Cal area PM me terms

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Text and call or and tell me what you are looking for

15k off an A4!? Deal me in!!


Most versions of the 2018 Audi A6 and A7 are eligible for a $10,000 discount, while the S6 and S7 both feature a whopping $15,000.

RS7 is eligible for a massive $17,500

All 2018 A8 models, including the S8 are eligible for a $12,500 incentive.

Through November 30, dealers are being given something called a Marketing Allowance to help offer discounted prices. Essentially a form of dealer cash , it isn’t advertised like a traditional rebate but can yield big savings if you can find a dealer willing to pass along the full amount to clear the way for new inventory.


That was last year’s program/discounts. I doubt this year is exactly the same.

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Good point but at least it gives a ballpark unlike the OPs cryptic post.

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OP is a car dealer. He lives to make things cryptic. If he could play games to sell you a cup of coffee, he would do it…


Indeed and this site is the cryptonite to that crap.