Unicorn Audi e-tron prem plus $3350 DAS + MAX MSD $539 +tax 10k /yr +Must Qualify for Costco

Unicorn 2019 e-tron prem plus $539 +tax 10k/yr must qualify for costco .max MSD plus $3350 DAS

Black on Black without driver assist package , this is the only car available at this price
add $40 for cars with driver assist



You may want to remove 10k between “tax” and “max msd” in the title. Confusing without reading the post.


done !!!..

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What about at 7.5k miles/yr?

$10 a month less


Tried to contact you but number is incorrect?


Left you a vm (tried to text that number)

Is this a 36 month lease or 39?

@Samaudibh - what’s the best deal you can get on the other premium plus etrons?

36 months lease

Please read the post carefully

@Samaudibh - does the DAS include the tax on the credit?

Yes it does

@Samaudibh Can you please give Prestige numbers? Thanks Sam. Will be calling you.

How much for 15k/year?

Are there any state or federal credits that the lessee can get or has this already been claimed by the lessor ?

Not eligible for State of CA anymore, too fancy. Fed will have been claimed by the lessor.

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I believe the e-tron still qualifies for a $1,000 Southern California Edison rebate.


Based on where you live and the electric utility company that services the home that your vehicle will be garaged, there are many state incentives out there. For example the southern california edison rebate mentioned above gives you a thousand if you use so cal edison. However, there are other rebates out there that you can also qualify for if you look it up. One I saw recently was a $500 subsidy for the installation of a ev home charger. For the federal ev tax credit, if you lease Audi gets to keep that money which they usually use to make the lease cheaper for you. Make sure you meet all the criteria however, because the government will easily refuse to give you the money if you don’t.