Unhappy with 2017 Grand Cherokee Altitude Lease, How can I get out?

After studying these forums for months and shopping around for a couple weeks I leased a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude in late June. I got a really good deal about $300 a month for 36 months with 1k down on a 10k mile lease. I love the look of the car but hate literally everything else about it. I really want to get out of the lease but Chrysler Capital does not allow lease transfers. Can anyone give me advice on how I might be able to get out of this car with little to no penalty? Ideally I want to swap it for a 2018 Tiguan SE/SEL.

Check payoff amount vs current value to trade/sell it.

Sell it. Only way i can think of it.

And hate it as well? Are you sure it’s a better SUV or you go by looks again? Besides, I think you’ll be lucky to get SEL for under $400/mo

The problem I have with the Grand Cherokee is that the dealer told me it has android auto,it doesn’t the Cherokee model does but the biggest problem is that our car seat for the baby has to go behind the passenger seat. In that position the passenger seat cannot recline and when we go anywhere my wife can’t recline the seat. It’s just a terrible design.

Did you try Tiguan? It should be bigger, I guess.

Yea, I checked it out in the dealership should be plenty big PLUS it gives you the option of putting the car seat in the middle of the back seat where it should be.

It won’t lease well, at least for now. Did you consider others?

I’m open to virtually anything, anything is better than having my wife complain incessantly every time we need to drive anywhere more than a few miles away

In any case, you will take a big hit by selling GC now. Will you then roll negative into the new lease? It’s a killer.
What is “cheaper to keep her” in this case? :slight_smile:

My payoff is $35,700. I’m seeing same models listed for a bit higher. It only has 2k miles

You will never get anywhere close to your payoff, especially at the very beginning.

a dealer wouldn’t pay it off?

Why would a dealer pay it off? Do you think they “pay” that much for new ones? It would probably be hard to get 35700 from a customer for a new one, considering all the rebates and cash on the hood available on 2017s. Remember, they only buy it if they can then sell it for a profit.

Buy a new baby seat.


I think this will be a better option than trying to get out of the lease.

I have 2 GC limited. I believe you can put seat in middle. My friend had only one kid and he did that for his GC.

I used to have the same problem. Wife would incessantly complain during drives. I stopped taking her on drives and the problem was solved. I started smiling again during drives. You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Why would you take a dealers advice on android auto? You should have done your own research. Some salesman don’t even know what the hell they are selling or even the difference between trim levels

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Did you mean the VW Atlas because even the new Tiguan is smaller then the Jeep GC?