Understanding Volvo Incentives and How to Build an Offer to Dealer

Hi Hackrs - First time posting, seeing if I can take advantage of the current Costco incentive and lease a Volvo. I have some questions on how to put together an offer to the dealer: New lease (not sure about model, yet…), 3 year, 12 K

  1. When looking on Volvo website > Offers > Lease info icon - It says “includes application of $x,xxx in Allowances” - What is this Volvo Allowance?
  2. Volvo to Dealer Incentive - From Edmund - Any backup on this? Is this typically passed on to the customer?
  3. What % off MSRP should be my baseline before incentives - 12%, 15% - more?
  4. In your experience, does days on lot make a difference in which car to offer on?

Thanks everyone, appreciate your guidance!

Rather that do this, build the car on their website and on the summary page, there’s an estimate my payments button. Click that and enter your zip code and you’ll get the actual Volvo allowance/lease cash numbers.

On a new Volvo, 10-12% pre-incentive is a very good deal. All of the people posting 15% pre-incentive are neglecting to actually pull out all the incentives.

If you’re in socal, the only dealers really worth talking to are rusnak, Culver City (but only working with Tony), and mission Viejo. There may be one other I’m not thinking of, but the galpins, santa Monica, etc don’t negotiate nearly as much.


Second that for Tony at Culver. Done many a deal through him and has been a joy each time.

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Isn’t Costco worth considering as well ?

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Another vote of confidence for Tony.
Tony Tehrani


Costco was mentioned in the first line?


Go to the Volvo website
Build a Volvo - Summary - Payment Estimator, then enter your Zip

Whoops. Read over it too quick. :grimacing:

What sort of deal did he give you as far as % off discount MSRP before incentives compared to rest of dealers in SoCal?

I didn’t negotiate a Volvo deal, I negotiated a Mazda deal with Tony. Tony’s deal was one of the better quotes I received. And we got to the number easily and quickly. No slight of hand.

Can 10-12% on Volvo be done in South Florida? Will be in the market in a few months but dealers are tough down here

I’m totally lost in this thread.

We have another where Volvo incentives, and what stacks in what region, is already being discussed (started in May and continued into this month)

And the great suggestion here to build on Volvo’s website to see the advertised programs.

You can check the marketplace and other posted deals to see what pre-incentive discounts others are getting on similar models.

@KevInSoCal do you need anything else right now, or can we close this thread and have you post a deal when you have one to review?

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Before incentives? I don’t know, I have a feeling that I am going to walk away as all the dealers are not willing to budge.

Doesn’t your deal basically already have you at 10%?

9.9% to be exact hehe.

Thanks everyone for your guidance and recommendations, greatly appreciated!

Will follow-up with a deal check and/or post in the deals section.

@jeisensc - please close this thread so you can find your way :upside_down_face: