Understanding F-150 Leases

Hi All, i’m in the mkt for a F150 lease, but i’m not having much look and haven’t been able to find much mention of F150s or Fords in general on the forums, which leads me to believe they just dont lease very well. Is that the case?

More specifically i’ve been looking for 2019 F150 XLT Supercrew 2.7L with a few options. Most of the truck’s i’ve looked at have an MSRP of around $52,000, but these trucks seem to sell for significant discounts. With a little searching i’ve been able to get sale offers from dealers in the range of $37-41k, inclusive of ford rebates and the dealer’s discount. However when pricing a lease from the same dealers these deals seem to entirely disappear. I understand that the ford rebates (currently $4000 for me) aren’t applicable to a lease, but the majority of the dealer discounts seem to disappear as well, and they just price it off the full MSRP of $52k.
If anyone has some experience with leasing these and could let me know what i’m missing it would be greatly appreciated.

Ford leases are calculated slightly differently.

Did you get residual and money factor from Edmunds yet?

Just tried searching on edmunds for a few minutes, and couldn’t find the money factor, but i believe one of the dealers i was talking to said the residual value of these is 55% for 39mo 10.5k/yr lease. not sure why, but that seems to be their standard term and mileage.

Post on the below forum with your zip code, lease terms that you want (ex: 36mo/12k), and trim, and you’ll get an answer with MF and RV pretty quickly. Ford uses APR for their leases, just divide that by 2400 to get MF.

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You want to post on Edmunds and ask for the residual, MF, and incentives for (term you want / miles you want) and your zip code. They vary. Ford is odd in they charge a % rent instead of MF (no need to multiply/divide by 2400). Once you fix terms, don’t change then until just before you sign so you compare apples to apples (eg stick with 36 months / 12k miles for comparable, plug in calculator on site, then if you want 13,500 instead you’ll know what it is). Likewise as for 0 DUE AT SIGNING (DAS). If you want you pay upfronts that’s up to you, but that avoids this dealer quoting 24 months / 10k with 3 grand down and another offering 36 months / 12k miles / 2 grand DAS.

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Edmunds shows interest as APR so dividing by 2400 gives MF, which is needed in order to use the calculator here.

According to the Edmunds Forum:
1.21% APR
59% residual
$1500 lease cash

Plugging those numbers in to the lease calc on here i’m coming up with lease payments that are at least $50/mo lower than anything i’ve been able to achieve in my search, on my own or through the one broker i’ve talked to.

I’m using an MSRP of 52k, and a selling price of $46k. (41k was a couple dealers initial sales offer via email, then adding $4,250 for ford incentives back in and rounding up)

what am i missing here? or do i just suck at searching?

Keep at it and expand your search radius. RV is based upon the original MSRP, not the blue box, so look for vehicles which have package savings on the sticker. $2500 in package savings is already narrowing the gap by 5% on a $50k truck. Also, sign up for information on fords website, hopefully you will be targeted for a PCO. lastly, there is a thread on F150 forum around pricing with all sorts of real world prices people have received. Lease incentives vary regionally, so certain markets will have better pricing. [I couldn’t hit my target payment in NC last year, even with a $3000 PCO.]

Post a LH calculator link

Would love to get some clarification on this as well. I am trying to recreate a dealership’s initial offer in the lease calculator to try and find out where this dealer is starting from, would someone be able to tell me if im doing this right?. Here is the link to the dealer/truck: https://www.tomwoodford.com/new/Ford/2019-Ford-F-150-For+Sale+in+Indianapolis+IN-e8d3bc400a0e0ae86ddfa75d333ada80.htm?searchDepth=1:100:

Here is the link to the calculator: leasehackr.com/calculator?make=Ford&miles=10000&msd=0&msrp=53280&sales_price=47486&months=36&mf=.00073&dp=0&dealer_fee=600&acq_fee=0&taxed_inc=0&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=56&reg_fee=0&sales_tax=7&demo_mileage=0&memo=&monthlyTax_radio=true

Dealer is saying residual is 56% and MF is 1.75%. Said for a 36-month lease with 10.5k miles/yr the monthly payment including tax is $536 for no downpayment and $600 DAS.

I have a buddy who went to this dealership last year and got the same model truck, but a 2018 for $311/mn with only $1000 for DAS and downpayment included so I am trying to recreate a similar deal.

If they got it for $310/mth, my guess is they had a $3000 PCO which were prevalent last year. Is the 11% off inclusive of incentives or before incentives (my guess is that it includes at a minimum any blue box discounts on the sticker). To get to sub$400, you are going to need 10-13% off MSRP before incentives, generous incentives in your area, a $2500 package discount on the sticker (Ford f150 RV is based upon original MSRP, so finding one with a package discount drops price 5% before negotiation) and some sort of PCO.

What is PCO?

private cash offer

I wish you the best with this, I’ve never been able to get a good lease deal on a Ford - especially trucks, which is odd because they hold their value really well so they should have a good residual, yet they don’t.

Ford wants to sell them instead of lease them, so even though they hold their value in the real world, Ford keeps the RV lower than the real world. Certain regions had very attractive incentives last year, which when combined with good dealer discount/employee pricing and a PCO, led to some sub-$300 lease deals in 2H 2018.

For those that dont have a PCO, there is a $3,000 competitive conquest incentive out there. Not sure if its region specific. Good for Silverado, Sierra and Ram owners. Can not stack with PCO.

How about Tundra/Titan?

Not sure, this was taken from F150 forum. Program #30400, Says “Silverado, Sierra, and Ram”

Agreed that Ford wants to sell not lease, but there are other leasing companies out there. You’d think they’d jump into the game more. (and so would the dealers, since they’d move more cars) And in reality I did better buying my F350 Platinum 4x4 than I ever could have done leasing it. It’s 5 years old - so 60 months, I paid out the door $60k for it (MSRP was just a hair over $70k) and actual trade in value is $43k, $17k / 60 = $283 a month. d is a few thousand in finance charges over the years I had a note on it… So say $300 a month. Looking at replacing two of our vehicles, just can’t decide what to get or do at the moment. My local Ford dealer has given me the usual astronomical lease prices, but they always have. At least I know there are some rebates out there that could help get a normal lease payment.

My f150 is on the marketplace for lease transfer… likely won’t be beating that deal :wink:

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