TX Houston Area - Toyota Lease Specials - Ryan Squillace

I have a few of them now. All priced slightly different. Shoot me a PM if interested and I’ll see which ones are still available.

Can’t remember who was looking, but I know I had a few messages about a Highlander Hybrid AWD. I have this one that just became available. If interested, PM me asap as I’ll have it sold at some point today for sure.

Unique opportunity to lease a Tundra TRD Pro no only at MSRP, but also using Toyota’s subvented MF! I only have this one available and it requires a $1,000 deposit to reserve. PM if interested. This will go quick.


Wait, what? It’s cheaper than my Supra payment!

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Starting to get a lot more messages this month. In order to help me reply accurately to you please provide SPECIFICS as to what you’re looking for. I can’t do anything with “I need a Tundra lease”. Here is an example:

  1. Model name
  2. Trim level <— (probably the thing 90% of people omit and it’s important to know this)
  3. Hybrid or non hybrid engine
  4. 4x2, 4x4, FWD or AWD
  5. All exterior and interior colors you’re open to <------ (also very important to have this. Saying “any color will do” doesn’t work. In 8 years I’ve never successfully forced someone to take a color as 1000% of the time color becomes a factor in the decision making process at some point)
  6. Desired down payment range, monthly payment range, miles and term
  7. Zip code

If you’re unsure of any of this information please use this link.

Looking forward to helping the hackr’s this summer as things seem to be gearing up!

Hi Ryan,
I’m looking to finance a 4runner ORP, preferably in Lunar Rock or Lime Rush. Can I get some numbers on them?

Hello… MSRP’s on these right is around 54k. They have been on a waitlist for about 2 years now in my region. I’d imagine it will take roughly 1-2 months for me to get you one. Below is the process:

Reservation, Shipping and delivery process:

  1. Provide a $500 partial down payment in order to join our reservation list.
  2. Lists of incoming vehicles come out around the 7th and 23rd of each month.
  3. We match what you’re looking for to one of the vehicles on those lists.
  4. Vehicle completion at Factory
  5. Shipping from factory to VPC (Vehicle Processing Center)
  6. Shipping from VPC to Dealership
  7. Arrival to Dealership

Tundra TRD Pro (white w/ black)
MSRP / Selling Price: $76,383

RAV4 XLE Premium Hybrid (black w/ gray)
MSRP / Selling Price: $39,025

RAV4 Hybrid SE (white w/ black)
MSRP / Selling Price: $39,884

RAV4 Hybrid Woodlands Edition Hybrid (Calvary Blue with black)
MSRP / Selling Price: $36,841

:speech_balloon:PM if interested​:point_left:t3::point_left:t3::point_left:t3:

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Just sent you a message with the specifics! Thanks -

where can we see the inventory spreadsheet?

Can you advise your current cost structure for

  • RAV4 hybrid
  • RAV4 Prime
  • Expected availability or leadtime?


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Venza Limited in Titanium Glow available in about 10 days. PM me if interested.