Turning in lease help

Im turning in my VW Passat. I got it inspected. One charge of $250 for a little dent in hood. (thanks to my son for playing lax)
The inspector didn’t mention anything about my tires but since my car has almost 36k I know they are at the end of their life. If its not in inspection report could they still charge me?


Doubtful. That’s what the inspection is for.

I’m not proud of this but I have returned lease cars with really bald tires, it never made the inspection report and I was never charged anything. Shouldn’t be a problem.

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Does VW still sub out the inspection to SGS? $250 seems steep for a small dent

what OEM tires lasted 35k?


I called and asked dealer and they said they can not charge me more then report except mile overage. $250 for dent the size of golf ball but paint came off. Still better than getting tires.

Thanks everyone.

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yes same company…

Are the tires listed on the inspection, usually they have tread depth and brand for each tire. If that’s on there you should be golden

Lucky with the tires. I replaced my wife’s Acura MDX tires for $800 net from Costco - waited for the $2 or $3 installation for all 4 tires, including balancing and the $75 Costco card which offset sales tax. Then I replaced my Spark EV tires - Bridgestone Ecopia from jet.com for $300, and another $50 to mount and balance at Walmart. My wife drives like a Formula One racecar driver, and the Ecopias just don’t last long because they’re low rolling resistance.

your wife sounds fun! I drive like an old lady…

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I thought they write down depth and all on the report? Done it everytime with mine.

I just had my inspection for my mb c300. I am supposed to turn it in with oem run flats but had non oem brand and non run flats on for the inspection which he ticked off as acceptable. I have the original run flats to put back on but questioning if that is necessary based on this thread.


report say 5/32 which equates to 1/8. So right on the verge.

in past I returned with cheap tire3s. Never a problem. I did this with Lexus and GMC

5/32 but not in chargeable wear ans tear section.

Sounds like you’re good.

sure hope so. Getting a qx60 today! Got great deal on these forms from NYlife.

I was talking with my Dealer/Salesman a few weeks ago (we kind of became pals), about post Lease charges. He mentioned he has seen the inspectors get much more lenient on the reports the last 1-2 years (Ford/Dodge anyway). Previously he said they were very strict, and a good majority of the leases coming back had charges for something, constant call/complaints from customers after they got the bill, and the paint-less dent repair guy was always at the dealer. Now they are seeing far more wear/tear, multiple door dings, under-spec tires, lost keys, even glass damage getting through. Not sure if that is industry wide, but the Ford Escape we turned in last year definitely needed tires, and expected a bill (plan was to try and negotiate a discount since we leased another Ford), but they never even blinked an eye.

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Ive turned two leases in with zero charges.

With all due respect, I don’t comprehend why people feel entitled to a discount when they sign a contract indicating the car has to have x/32 of tread life left when they return it, just because they are leasing another car from the same captive. Why should the captive just give you things after a contract was signed? If you know you need tires, either buy them first to satisfy the term of the contract, or pay at the end…or get lucky and let it pass through.