Tundra TRD PRO Financing Help

I have a deposit on a TRD PRO and going into the dealer tomorrow morning to find out my rate and sign. I have excellent credit with a 800+ score. As usual the dealer wants you there so they can sell you more things and try to up the rate you really qualified for.

So my question is what rate should I expect for 60,72 or 84 month financing on this truck? What’s the best rate Setf offer to their tier 1 buyers?

Or should I just call a credit union in the morning and have that lined up before I even get there?

Thanks for your help!

4.74% standard financing with Toyota.
If you call your credit union and have that line up before you get there, they might not sell you the truck

The salesman mentioned 2.9% when we started the negotiating but didn’t say the term. I’m just hoping it’s something competitive with the market. My buddy told me to just refinance the next day if I don’t like the rate.

Often the most painful threads to read on here start with those exact words “My buddy told me”.



Lol…I’ve known him for 30+ years and he’s a straight up guy.

Then… you are definitely not buying, if you are going to refinance the next day

Maybe you mis understood me. I’d accept the best rate they offer me and drive off with the truck. Then refinance the truck at a better rate from a credit union if the rate is significantly better.


Picked up the the truck this morning. 75 months for 3.64% is what they gave me. $500 down payment and payment came out to $939 a month with the purchase of 6 year warranty included ($1648) and GAP ($741).

I’m going to find out tomorrow if GAP is already covered with my insurance co. If so then I’ll ask them to remove that charge.

The finance guy advise me to put 2K plus the first payment at the time the first payment is due instead of putting that 2K as a down payment today. According to him that speeds up the loan and you pay almost no interest during the life of the loan. Sounded weird then and still sounds like it doesn’t work that way.

Anybody do or try this with their car loans?

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Wait, what?

You’re paying $70k for a tundra?

Crazy times. I wish I had one bc he would be $2000 over msrp which I’m appalled offering but new normal bs…


Market is crazy. Just sold my 2020 tundra to Carvana for $500 over original msrp


I paid MSRP plus the running boards.

55K truck times 7% tax plus 3.64% INT comes out to 70K if you ride out the entire loan.

All 55K trucks are pretty much the same here out the door. Rebel, AT4, etc… payment would have been slightly better on the others due to INT rate but they don’t hold their value as high.

Exactly! You can’t get a discount now a days and resale is stronger then ever.

They offered me 3000 over on my army sport with trd exhaust. But replace it with what? I’m at like 500/mo on 49k now

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That’s the way I look at it. You use to be able to get these tundras cheap on a lease but those days are long gone with inventory issues.

No way am I waiting 6 years to pay it off and spending another 7K thru the life of the loan. I thought the 3 years extra warranty would be gold for $1,648 extra. So I took it.

Also the new tundra will be pricey I’m sure and those will go for over MSRP.

The replacement is difficult now yes. Idk what I want

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I’m on my last truck I got. :woozy_face: Even my volvos have equity, TF is this market.

The tundra value proposition is in being incredibly cheap to lease though. $70k for a truck that’s only got some window dressings since 2007 is very different than $70k on a truck designed at least in the last decade.


Markets dictate price. If he sells in a year I bet he pays less then 500/mo to have it. I can only do a 46k sr5 at that price today. It is what it is. High end is crazy now. Pay to play. Cars aren’t going up, dollars are worth less

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