Tundra Lease number- where from here?

Looking for a tundra lease, due to the great deals. Planning on using a broker, but that means I will have to travel a long way to pickup the vehicle. Thought I would check local dealers over my lunch break just to see what they have to offer. Interesting back and forth through email. I will include the entire email thread below, for education or humor… feel free to make fun of me! I dont have a clue what Im doing- hence my plan to use a broker!!

Local Dealer is offering lease as follows: “The 24-month payment for 12,000 miles per year will net you a monthly payment of $439.78 with excellent credit”
Can you guys have a look at the details and let me know where i can go from here (if anywhere)? Thanks!

<<<<<<<<<email thread below<<<<<<<<< details in next post

Thanks for reaching out to us! I just talked to my manager regarding your offer and your business is very important to us. I have included your special price below and we are open until 6pm tonight, does that work with your schedule to stop by and see it in person? Also, is there a good phone number to reach you at?

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Im happy to travel down once we settle on lease terms.

Can you lease through Ally or US Bank? Or only through TFS?

I am fairly confident we can meet my “number” if leasing through ally.




Can you explain to me what you are trying to accomplish because I don’t believe I understand?


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Hmmm. The website I submitted through was based on a lease price.

I want to lease a offroad tundra for $255 per month 24/12 or 27/12 (ally does 27 months). This target is possible through ALLY bank. not likely through TFS.

(attached screen shot of lease summary from webpage)


I received your email, I can definitely look in to that. I want to show you the most accurate information I can and to do that I’ll need your credit. I included a link to our Finance Application and if you fill that out I’ll be able to give the information you need.

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my credit is excellent. 805.

For numbers, just assume I meet tier 1 financing.

do you use non-captive lenders? aka ALLY or US BANK?



Good news - That truck is still available and we’d love to work with you on that. We do use US Bank, but the price you used to calculate the payment on our website is much less than we can sell the vehicle for. Attached is a quote with our best offer, which includes sales tax for 65049 (assuming that is the correct ZIP). The 24-month payment for 12,000 miles per year will net you a monthly payment of $439.78 with excellent credit. I know that’s much higher than you originally intended, but I hope that my explanation makes sense. Let me know if this could still work, or if we need to look at other avenues to help out.

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would you be willing to send me the numbers you used to calculate this?

Im sure there is room there to get us closer.

80% RV

12% off msrp (throw on college grad?)

mf .003

that would get us pretty close.

Sure, we’ve got nothing to hide.

I’m selling you the truck for invoice. LMF is .00043 which is Toyota’s Tier 1+ buy rate for that lease. RV is $37,055, 77%. If you qualify for the college graduate rebate, I’d gladly include it.

I’ve attached the invoice and dealer disclosure for transparency. Let me know if you’d like to move forward with this, and when, so I can get the truck ready for you.

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thanks xxxx! This is great.

I will crunch these numbers tonight. However, US Bank should offer a much better MF. Can you check?

Yes, US Bank is .00130, the residual value is 79% but you lose the rebate since you aren’t financing with TFS. I ran it both ways, you’re better off with TFS. Payment is HUNDREDS higher in this case.

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Many of the brokers will ship.

is it that bad!? LOL

Yes, I know they will ship. $800+ and slightly higher monthly. I can do that… but it eats into the savings

With prices like these available: FEBRUARY TOYOTA 2020 Tundra Crew $241 $45k MSRP 4Runner sr5 $330 2020 Taco sr $171 sr5 $210 NATIONWIDE SHIPPING!

Looks like there’s probably $150/month difference in monthly. I’d pay $800 in shipping to save $3600 in payments.


Tell the sales person this.

Currently theres no rebate included in their lease worksheet. So how are you losing rebate?? They actually have it backwards, you can use the cash rebate if you go with US bank or Ally. They are only discounting the truck 6.2%. 12% dealer discount is possible.


You can use the cash rebate with a non captive lender but cant use the grad rebate. Grad rebate is TFS only.

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The more I look at that lease worksheet, if you can negotiate a 12% discount the payment wouldnt be too terrible considering its through TFS. You would be looking at $340/month $0 DAS with taxes included. Or around $320 with $500 DAS

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That being said. I would still push for them to work the deal through US Bank. Is dealer located in 65049 zip code? $2500 Customer cash available

appreciate the feedback.
the $2500 is available from this dealer.

If you can get within $1000 of the PA price with a local dealer it’s worth it, otherwise just fly to PA

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10% dealer discount will get you to $300/month with US bank. Good luck

Dealer wrote back:

“Good news! I took the information to my General Sales Manager who OK’d an additional $1,500 discount for you! I had them run the numbers for both TFS and US Bank side by side for you. Let me know if you’d like to move forward with this!”

Find another dealer. This one is smoking crack. Even if you sold at msrp and didn’t apply $2500 rebate price would be lower than that. With that discount it should be around $330/m with US bank.

Are they showing the 2500 rebate as a dealer discount

Tell them to send you the exact same lease worksheet they sent you for the TFS lease but with US bank instead. Than we can see where their fudging the numbers

Sounds like they (dealer) trying to pocket the rebate right? If you go with US Bank the full rebate should reduce the sales price on top of any dealer discounts.

I’m trying to do the same but through Oklahoma dealers. They get a total of $4k rebates on the TSS Offroad Package. Same runaround with the dealers though and shady numbers through email and using TFS instead of Ally or US Bank.

Tell them you want 10-12% dealer discount before rebates and stick with TFS. Unless I’m reading it wrong that MF is good and TFS allows MSDs

Ha, “Good news!” That’s such a standard line, it literally never means it. “Hey Joe call that customer back with this new pencil, and make sure to say ‘Good news!’”

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