🌮 FEBRUARY TOYOTA 2020 Tundra Crew $241 $45k MSRP 4Runner sr5 $330 2020 Taco sr $171 sr5 $210 NATIONWIDE SHIPPING!

215-359-6836 (text initially please)

PLEASE Read everything below before texting me!!! 95% of your questions can be answered here.

My deals are all located outside of Philadelphia. If you cannot pick up or arrange your own shipping, I cannot get deals for you. I can refer you to some great shipping companies, as well as guide you with the easiest way to travel to the dealership. My fee is only refunded if we mess up and you don’t buy (has never happened) or if you’re denied credit. So be sure to ask your wife, check insurance, or find out shipping costs before paying me. I can do new purchases as well as leasing.

February Crewmax deal is through Ally or Usbank. Usbank is cheaper, however do not allow shipping. You must use ally bank if shipping.

This month, February, tacos for 39 months are insanely cheap. If you want it only for 2 years you can pay more for a 27 month lease, or do 39 months and put it on swapalease. At these prices they will be no problem finding someone to transfer.

Tundra sr5 base and offrds are discounted a lot as well, dealer has too many so knocking off an additional $500 on these. Sports aren’t very plentiful this month but I can get them.

Ally bank is approving credit 650+! Usbank 690+ Tier one is 680-690

NATIONWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE ON ALL TFS AND ALLY LEASES!!! I can refer you to companies but I do not arrange shipping and you can not roll costs into the lease.

2020 sienna up to 17% off msrp on sales!!

Tacoma and Tundra lease well through ally this month. Don’t miss out on an incredible truck deal just because you don’t live on the east coast! Also some terms are 27 and 39 months for best pricing so be aware of that.

$48,500 msrp 2020 sr5 offrd tundra is $292/mo plus tax tags and $389 doc fee. 24/12

$45k sr5 base is $241/mo + tax tags fees. 24/12!

Here’s my review thread:


PLEASE DO NOT ASK PERSONAL QUESTIONS OR FOR QUOTES ON THIS FORUM, or through private message. TEXT ONLY. My number is listed below!!!

If your state has a personal property tax, that is not included in my pricing. You are required to file and pay that on your own. Most states do not have this, but some do.

****delivery available to the following states for $100-$500, cheaper if you have a Toyota lease going back. PA, NY, NJ, MD, DE, MA, CT, NoVA, NC, OH

Return and free 25,000 mile maintenance at any Toyota dealer nationwide.

Dispo fees are $350 tfs, $395 usbank, $400 ally bank

Please do not text me for pricing until you’ve driven the vehicles you’re interested in. That’s why I provide the spreadsheets below, to guide you with an estimated price*

MSDS, when applicable, as well as Tax, tags and $389 dealer document fee not included in numbers below.

*if doing msds, you’ll be going through Toyota financial. They require gap insurance, $500 for the lease term. However most personal insurance companies offer it much cheaper, so check with them first! No msds for usbank or ally leases.

****delivery available to the following states for $200-$500, cheaper if you have a Toyota lease going back.PA, NY, NJ, MD, DE, MA, CT, NoVA, NC, OH

Ny is not allowed msds.

Text me only for pricing. No calls, emails or PMs through here. Text only. Once we make contact I can schedule a phone call with you if you prefer. 215-359-6836

All trucks/suvs are 4wd/awd. Out of state buyers, pick up is outside of philly, lease return and service at any Toyota dealer. If shipping, you must arrange that personally, I can refer you to shipping companies.

2 years and 25,000 miles of free maintenance. Gap insurance is included in usbank, ally and members bank leases. Msds are only possible on Toyota financial leases.

Protection plans starting at $600 for the lease term!!!

Pricing does not include tax, tags, dealer fees or broker fees.

******Text me for exact pricing with tax/tags/dealer fees included. I will reply with monthly pricing with nothing down. Please include exactly this in your first text. Then ask any questions:

Exact Vehicle desire (ie tundra sr5 crewmax sport) color and options
Miles per year and term
Approx credit score
Shipping or pickup ( I can refer you to companies but I have nothing to do with shipping and take no responsibility for it.)




can we do security deposits for RAV4 with TFS?

Yes you can! For a baseline, 10msds drop the price about 10-12%

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Who’s MBRS?

Members 1st FCU who can lease to anyone in PA, MD or NJ but their core market with dealers is SE PA.

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Hi Jim, the 2019 Rav4 XLE for $282/mo, is that a hybrid model? If not, what the monthly for an XLE Hybrid?

No they’re like 100+ more a month. Don’t really make sense to lease. I can get an accurate number just message me

No US bank on Tacoma’s? Can you do msds and college grad on TFS Tacoma?

What about Highlander SE?
Thank You

$380 sorry about that that!

Can you confirm if the prices listed for the Highlanders are FWD or AWD?

Can you do msd on a us bank lease with nys ?

You can not. Only TFS

Everything is awd/4wd

Anything interesting on 18/19 Land Cruisers?

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What is the residual and mf for the Tacoma double cab sr through members?

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Is shipping an option or pick-up only?

I just want to thank Jim for the 2019 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 5.7 4wd. Didn’t really believe he could get me the deal but I paid the man his $500 fee and he produced 100% I didn’t need this vehicle at all strictly bc of the price is why I leased it. Stupid cheap for $45k msrp truck. Great job Jim thank you. I’ll need 2 more cars in the next few months!!!


You can arrange your own shipping

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What color is that?