Trying to lease a Jeep - horror

Having a heck of a time leasing a Jeep GCL. I’ve had pretty good luck in the past with dealers, even leased a BMW i3 for a steal, but I’m getting nowhere with Jeep. They flat out lie about offers/residuals until I keep pressing them. Ive had no luck getting dealer cost numbers, and am told the negotiated price is NA for a lease. Nationally recognized rebates “dont work” and I was even told by a salesman “its okay to pay more to have a good relationship with the dealership”. (He quoted me over $700 a month with tier 1 scores) At this point should I just look at other cars or maybe look for a broker?


Broker, man. Just do it. @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto does Jeep in SoCal.

Though I hate to say it, but December was the month for deals for GCL lease.


Im not tied to the Jeep. It just seemed to pencil out. Started the process before Christmas. They just kept ghosting.


It’s a good month for Nissan Pathfinder, FYI.

Lol…When did Jeep turned into Porsche?


I believe that this is called “Stockholm Syndrome”.


Do people actually stay loyal to a dealer?

Same experience. I just gave up. Will see what market is later or just use a broker. Not worth my time with Jeep dealers with the lying, bait and switch etc.

Use a broker, I’ve negotiated my own deals and have used brokers and there’s far less stress with a broker. Especially when dealing with Jeep.


LH wisdom would tell you to figure out what the vehicle should cost and offer that to, not one, but many dealers. You’re not going to change a dealership’s sales department.


I’m there with you, tried pretty diligently for a GC 4xe right before new years. Mainly stuck to PA dealers and they all, about 5 of them, said the same thing and none provided more than a minimal discount. And every one of them had surplus stock.

You are a member of the 99% club :slight_smile:

As others have mentioned, with certain brands in particular, it may just be easier to work with a broker and save your brain. There are definitely a very few very high-quality Jeep dealers out there, but they are the exception unfortunately.

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The dealer add ons too. $6-8k of garbage paint protection, rust coating etc. which they cant remove, but can discount a max $200.

They definitely can remove it… they’re just choosing not to

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This should have been your starting point. When you look at the LH Marketplace, which vehicles have good programs this month?

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I started here. Thats why i was looking at the jeep. The 24 month residual was the driving force. Had not considered Jeep before

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After getting my Jeep this summer through @Clutch , I’ll never not use a broker again.


That may have been true for Dec but those programs expired. It’s a new month and unfortunately you are back to square one. Luckily for you Nissan 18m programs are reportedly still good but I’m not in the market rn so check for yourself to verify.

If I could come up with possibly the worst way to go about it, this would be it. Like literally.

Move to a strategy of making offers. Your operating principles are that (1) success ratio will be sub 10% and (2) therefore you want a yes/no answer to close or move on quickly.

Plug the following into the LH calculator after MSRP of the vehicle you’re looking at:

Selling price based on % pre-incentive discount found by searching Shared Deals and Marketplace sections of this forum.

RV, MF and incentives (lease cash) from Rate Findr. Add any extra rebates you qualify for (college grad, etc) under incentives.

DMV fees and taxes based on your state’s official website.

Voila! Now check the box to make it $0 DAS and offer the resulting monthly payment*

  • preferably rounded to a multiple of $5 or $10 to make yourself seem more like a normal person :innocent:

And certainly this was a "We can do this deal today only!":crazy_face:


Not quite true, overall numbers are still very close to Decembers. MF drop essentially offset the residual drop and incentives are the same for the Altitude trim and Limited could potentially be better now with 2000 loyalty rather than 1000 previously. Not to mention there is a OL code out again too.