Trying to find a good deal for Jeep GC 4xE in Portland OR. Anyone have any references?


Hi All - It’s been a minute since I’ve been on these boards but deals are back and so am I! I’m trying to hack a deal here in the Portland OR metro area on a 2022/2023 Jeep GC 4xE. I’m already getting frustrated by the passive aggressive idiot dealers here in Portland trying to sneak by crappy deals with .00212 MF embedded and telling me how this is an “unbeatable” deal. Anybody know of anyone I can reach out to, either a broker or trusted sales contact for Jeep? It would be greatly appreciated. I moved here last year and am from bigger markets (NY/LA) so it’s a little more difficult to source here.

Here is the link to a deal I got on a 2023 Jeep GC 4xE Base. Dealer discount was $3,585 and total rebates was $10,500. Monthly payment came out to $539.60, that’s with a $2500 trade in equity and $1500 down. The deal they gave me on a Summit Reserve which was $76k after discounts(before rebates) was $767 a month!!!

Leasehackr deal

Beaverton is showing 6 to 8 percent +/- on their site, and are showing a couple of 22’s. I think 24 months is better on these but it’s late and I’m going off of memory.

And I’m 6 or 7 non bud lights in.

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The Jeep dealership in Eugene is willing to do discounts and use base my but move inventory quickly. Albany Jeep has a 23 at a 7% discount might be worth a shot.

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