Trying for sub-$400 2017 Volvo S90

Is this a good deal?


MSRP: 52975
Sales Price: 47900
Incentives: $11,250 [A-Plus, HSE, Lease Bonus]

MF: .00025
Residual: 46%

36 months, 12k/yr, $1000 down

Monthly: $408/month including tax

My last offer was $47,400, but dealer stopped negotiating at 47,900, and said this deal is good today only. I really wanted to get down to $400/month with tax, but this is pretty close… Also, there are not too many 2017 Volvo S90s in my area. This dealer is already a 1.5 hour drive for me.


Thanks for the help,


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Also, this is the last 2017 S90 that this dealer has. Not sure if that is good or bad.

what about MSD’s? that would lower your payment. Also, what rebates, incentive are available? why are you paying 1000 at inception, why not roll it into payment?

Sorry, this is with $11,250 incentives: A-Plus, HSE, and Lease. We’ll probably roll the down payment into the monthlys. By my calculations, this makes monthly closer to $443. (My calculations are close to but don’t exactly match theirs).

MSDs are a possibility… I didn’t think of that.

If I go ahead with deal, should I try to get them to waive fees?

What fees are you referring to? Also, is the $1000 cap cost reduction or is it being used to cover said fees?

Not really sure. I haven’t seen a detailed quote yet that breaks down the fees. I just recall seeing that someone else said that they never paid for fees. I guess doc/registration fees? I assume the $1000 covers some fees plus some cap cost reduction.

+1 for MSD. 4 MSD (max in this case) will bring MF down to 0.00005

9.5% off MSRP, should be able to get a larger discount. Many dealers are discounting 2018s 10% off, you should mock up pricing on a 2018. See if the increased residual offsets the incentive reduction.

The deal is good for today only, ha. But if no one else buys it, tomorrow’s deal should be better.


“The deal is only good for today” that is 101 from used car salesman handbook. Unless it’s actually the last day of the sales month, I’d ask them to throw in free rustproofing and free under costing if they said that :roll_eyes::joy::rofl:

Well, that was probably a n00b mistake on my part. I was trying to get them to come down to 47400, and said something like “For 47400 I’ll come down tonight”. I guess he sensed the blood in the water at that point.

I ended up going down last night and making a deposit on the above deal. I knew I could get him to go lower if we waited, but I thought a 2017 was my only real shot at getting a S90 in my price range. Also, my wife and I are pretty busy for the rest of December, so we were literally running out of time :slight_smile: Not the best mindset for negotiating!

Many dealers are discounting 2018s 10% off

Well, I wish I had known that. When I went in to my local Volvo dealer, they would barely go below the A-plan pricing. Why are they discounting the 2018s so much already? I guess I have trouble understanding why and when dealers will sell a car at a loss.

Anyway, thanks everyone for the help. I’m very glad I found this forum. I know this doesn’t seem like a great deal to all of you, but considering when I came here I was probably going to take a 400/mo lease for a fairly loaded Ford Fusion Platinum… it’s a win for me. :slight_smile: My wife’s lease expires in ~9 months, and I’ll be shopping for that very differently now… hopefully with a lot less time pressure!

Well, unless you are using a broker (and maybe even if then), the dealer is going to make you work for the discount. It took several rounds of back and forth for me to get down to 10% off from a dealer on a 2018. [Haven’t pulled the trigger yet because I am waiting to see if Volvo enhances incentives the last week of the year and am holding out for a slightly larger discount].

I understand the busy comment. This is the last week of work for many people at my company, so there is heightened frenzy over everyone getting their tasks done so the can count them in 2017.

Enjoy your new car.

Time is valuable so don’t underestimate that at all. As long as you’re happy and felt you got a good deal, then overall I’d say it’s a good deal.

Since you have 9 months and plenty of time, you might want to consider looking into European Delivery for a car. Some good deals and a fun trip to be had.

I’ve never heard of that, but my wife would love it! She loves to travel. Thanks for the idea, I’ll have to investigate more. This could be an awesome gift :grinning:

Just as an FYI on the over seas delivery, they cannot be leased. You can only purchase. You can see all the pricing here at bottom of page

Pretty good deal by the way as well on the S90. It’s a great car with lots of neat tech sans the slowness of Sensus at startup.

This is true about Volvo, I’m not sure about now but you use to be able to do it with BMW, Porch and MB.

This says that you can do it for leases for Audi, BMW and MB.

And I’m gonna need that VIN etching and paint sealant as well

In my book those are MUST haves!

I also forgot to mention how important the Nitro filled tires are. I mean having air filled tires with a modern car is just such a waste… am I right :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Correct. I went to the BMW dealer to increase tire pressure due to the drop in temperatures. They fill with nitrogen.

Just to be clear, I am totally joking about this.

Normal air contains about 78% nitrogen so… something to think about when your admiring your window VIN etching :roll_eyes:

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