Trusted Hackrs Nomination


Grats everyone!


both @28firefighter and @mp11477 well deserved. Congrats…now you guys get to share the fun of thread janitorial services after a newly registered user who is too lazy to read vomits the most basic questions all over this site multiple times rather than using the search function. :face_vomiting::laughing:


Congrats to both of you ! Great members !


Congrats guys. If I promise to vote for the D candidate in 2020 does my application get approved too? :slight_smile: :wink: :smile:


Nice work guys :+1:


Well deserved recognition for all of the contributions you both make.


Congratulations @28firefighter and @mp11477

Love your insights here!


I’m going to nominate @Ursus, don’t understand why he was removed… probably the most active person on here.


Yeah, for real. What did I miss?


@vhooloo get two of of those Volvo and you will be in my nomination list…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Congratulations guys!


@vhooloo and @Ursus need to be back on the @trusted_hackrs group. No idea why they are not there. With the load of crap quality visitors we are getting, this forum needs the kind of moderation we had. And , there needs to be a way to vote of some pot stirrers off of this forum as they provide no valuable information here instead of just messing around with others due to lack of information.


Not sure what the ins and outs of recent issues have been, but I also have noticed that a number of users have been very vindictive to others. Whether it was regulars or newcomers.

My personal take is that if someone is so impatient or might I say… too arrogant or elitist to treat others respectfully, they have no business here at all.

It certainly can be frustrating seeing a flood of new users all asking the exact same questions, but regardless, everyone needs to treat others decently. If you can’t stand what someone is saying, log off for a few hours and have a beer.


I noticed @HN308 was dropped too, that guy does a tremendous service here as well.


Appreciate it, though it looks like some kind of rotation since a few other long serving esteemed members have been also dropped. But it will allow me “to spend more time with my family”, as they say :slight_smile:

In any case :grin: