Trusted Hackrs Nomination


I’d need another trusted hackr to quarrel with on each post in order to do the job properly :grinning:

Appreciate the nomination!


lol. thats his DP doing the damage… he is gentle … until Crystal balls guy comes through :joy:


No, I like you. But @vhooloo should be definitely removed from Trusted Hackrs. His crystal balls aren’t trustworthy :smirk:


I nominate


Btw agree with @28firefighter and @mp11477 above


I second the nomination for @BoardWalkNJ.


Michael willing, those are all great nominations. I also offer extra verbal support if any of those nominees are in SoCal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m north of the big bear. @28firefighter is PNW though, so close enough :slight_smile:

I’d throw a hat out for @BoardWalkNJ also, although he’s a fellow east coaster.


Cheers @mani_is_kool . Other than @HN308 I don’t think I’ve seen additions since the original crew though.


@HN308 legit ! I dont know how I forgot to nominate him.


He’s already a trusted_hackr.


Oh ma bad !lol 2020202


I think we need someone from east coast to balance things out. Anyone from Midwest? Got to show love to flyover country as well.


Crystal balls are doing good. Next target is Volvo XC40 for 199 a month. Just you wait … Maybe 6 months.
It’s guaranteed, as real as rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens …


@HN308 for his awesome deals…


@jon mentioned above, he already is.


@HN308, @28firefighter & @BoardWalkNJ, those would be my votes.

edit - I’d vote for myself if I could but I can’t. :rofl:


How far up do you read before posting?


@28firefighter, congrats on making the group. Well deserved!


And congrats @mp11477 on your promotion as well! Very well deserved.


Congrats Guys!!!