Trusted Hackrs Nomination


I made 3 tomahawk steak dinners at delfriscos and still going in 2 months so yes.


In other news… thanks guys, I enjoy helping you all when I can.


+1 for @kmdukez nomination



Solid Broker


There is a special category for brokers/dealers. You should register there, too :slight_smile:


Just read through the thread. I just registered… I have been a little slow to the punch lately.


Did @willwar14 get nominated? His deals were excellent.


@Rvguy for trusted hacks


He’s already been nominated previously. Here’s the post to “Like”.


who is going to drum up the first national leasehackr meet up? Vegas anyone. :call_me_hand:


@MasterJin for helping me score a great S90 lease.


Track day meet up would be a hoot


I nominate @puinsai . He is also a longtime member that helped many members on the forum acquire crazy deals on the i3. He built excel spreadsheets and led many to contribute to the sheet resulting in those good deals. Leader, member, trusted hackr.


Sounds like John Terry


Late nomination (is anyone still looking at these?) for @steve2 who proved he was a trusted hacker (some may say he was too trusting).


I like this idea very much


Hopefully we can nominate some additional moderators now that some OG are less frequent

If I may, I would like to nominate @mp11477 and @28firefighter


Not mp, too many of his posts end up in Landfill :grin:


Thanks for the vote of confidence! @ursus doesn’t like me though.


I wonder why you guys dont have @Siejammy. Guys a gem for MB deals. He even helps Trusted hackrs !
Also, @mp11477 and @28firefighter like grizzly mentioned.