Trusted Hackrs Nomination


I already did, and they’ve thanked me for helping other customers and directing more business to them. Sometimes that extra $1k can make/break a deal. One of the sales GM’s said “As long as LFS accepts it, we don’t care if it’s a $10k certificate”.


I get it. Since you used the counterfeit certificate yourself, you’ll put forth any self-serving excuse.

I suppose forged art and counterfeit cash are exploits to be lauded as well?


Might I remind you that we all engage in fraud everyday. Not to get political, but we “pledge allegiance to a flag” of the United Crooks of America. In addition, if you’re at work right now responding to this thread- on the company’s time, then I could make the fraud argument as well. I digress, this is neither the forum, let alone the thread for that. So save it.


That “responding from work” part was below the belt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Even if you had the slightest bit of reasonable justification before you went on your little political rant, now you just sound like a jerk.


Whatever helps you sleep at night…


I understand that I can be a brash and aggressive individual when it comes to topics such as this. This is an open forum, and I will not refrain from reminding people that we all engage - in some way shape or form, in the textbook definitions of which some deem unacceptable. It’s one of those things that irk me when people post “matter of fact” type comments without acknowledging their unintentional involvement on a specific or broad scale. No one is perfect, we’ve all had poor judgement at some point, and I think we can all agree on that.


unacceptable <> illegal

Don’t try to paint fraud as “unacceptable”


So if it’s not unacceptable, that must mean it is? i.e. Is fraud unacceptable? Yes or No.


unacceptable - not satisfactory or allowable
illegal - contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law

See the difference? But fraud is a gray area for you, I guess


I learn from the best. ref. President Trump.



Calling a baby ugly in front of their parents is a generally unacceptable practice, but it is not illegal.
Kidnapping said ugly baby is definitely illegal.

For someone to think there is no difference between the 2 terms is, well…as POTUS would say, “Sad!”.

I must have missed the fraud event. Someone feel free to backfill me in on that. :smiley:


He he he he … I guess the Lexus GM is not at all disturbed by moral turpitude and financial sleight of hand :slight_smile:

I don’t think the term fraud applies to this. It was more like a loophole in Lexus PGA certification process. Fraud would be if they knowingly and willingly tried to steal $1k from Lexus. An example would be if the GM and Million got the names of people who leased lexus and then, without their knowledge, made up the certificates in the lessees names and collected the rebate.

In the case of an Actual Lessee collecting the rebate, it could be argued that Lexus always intended for the certificate to be used as a promotional event for future Lexus lessees. Chrispbacon just found a loophole to generate those coupons.

In any case, enjoy the Lexus and don’t do it again :slight_smile:


That was the most balanced response to this contentious topics so far.


I don’t think editting/modifying an existing legit certificate with your own name/address and code number is finding a loophole. The people who chrispbacon peddled these to may not have known they committed fraud, but chrispbacon sure did. Below are the terms.

Customer Instructions: Offer valid for the person named above who purchases, finances or leases a new Lexus at a participating Lexus dealer. Offer void where
prohibited by law. Negotiate your best deal first, and then give the $1,000 certificate to your dealer, who will apply the discount toward the down payment on a finance
contract, or toward the amount due at lease signing, or toward the capitalized cost reduction on a lease. This certificate must be presented to your dealer at the time of
purchase to be honored. Subject to credit approval with the exception of cash purchases or purchases financed through a lender other than the dealer. See participating
dealer for details. If your vehicle is purchased for cash or financed through a lender other than the dealer, the certificate will be applied to the cash sales price. Customer
must take retail delivery on or before 12/31/17 for the certificate to be valid. This certificate is transferable within a customer’s immediate family (spouse or children)
residing at the same address. Limit one certificate per any new Lexus. Eligible vehicle must be from dealer stock. This certificate may be presented at all participating
Lexus dealers in the continental U.S. and Alaska. Void if copied. Void if transferred in violation of these terms. Not redeemable for cash. Cash value 1/20 cent.


I thought he was just regenerating from the website them via a cookie or something lol. I posted on another thread how I actually signed up and got a certificate in someone else’s name … In that case, it seems like “malfunction voids all wins” disclaimer :slight_smile:



Since this thread was for nominating a trusted hackr, how come @wkalout not a “Trusted Hacker” yet? Or @RVguy? Does anyone know?


You don’t know what people do or don’t do, so please don’t act as if you do. It’s an open forum, but your outrageous political statements aren’t appreciated.


That’s why @littleviolette is calling for nominations :slight_smile: Hopefully people that deserve it will get added.


That’s what he originally claimed, but was proven to be false. He was just editing names/addresses and looking for the format of the code name to enter whatever to match.