Trusted Hackrs Nomination


It’s ridiculous how this has become akin to a witch-hunt or a mob lynching almost.


Yes…and now this thread has suddenly become a free for all. Not sure if every deserving guy has the badge…or if every guy with a badge is deserving enough. Oh well…guess it is someone else’s headache…


@littleviolette has stated at least twice instructions on how to nominate, but many still are not following the proper procedures.


Tell me about it - DJT 45


That’s what I thought at first too when I was playing around with the cookie lol.


Don’t try to justify this just because you also did it. The promo was still open when you did it :slight_smile:
BTW, it wasn’t chrispbacon who originally posted the link you used :wink: And there was someone else who later posted the clean link, without stupid, easily manipulated URL parameters


I posted the clean link and @senwia updated his original post with the clean link as well.


107 comments and not a single nomination for me yet. Even fraud dude gets nominated before me. Now this is just embarrassing :rofl:


No one can remember nor spell your name :grin:


I knew I should have gone with something simpler.

Name-change-request: kd


i nominate @kmdukez… because his picture is a genesis


How about a trusted troll badge for those who give good insight but make us laugh… I’m sure many of you know who deserves it :smiley:


Nominations are now currency and I’m selling display photo requests for them.


He already got one badge, so not sure if they will contradict each other


Dude you deserve nomination. My bad i thought you were with the usual suspects. Definetly for kmdukez. Now only if you explain your name though.


now thats a good question


You’d have to ask 7-year-old me that question, and unfortunately I don’t have a time machine that can take you back to last year


There was a clear fuckup at Lexus IT and it is still continuing.

If it’s as simple as someone posting a link that they already generated, why did so many people get Megan [lastnameredacted], Andrew [lastnameredacted], Ryan [lastnameredacted], Menkel from the same link?

You can even email Lexus incentive support with the original certificate copy and they will issue you a new one. There have been several individuals who have asked me for the original Menkel certificate and have successfully gotten new certs from Lexus incentive support. Just tell them that the certificate generated was in the incorrect name and you just noticed.


There’s a difference between genuinely receiving a wrong certificate, and counterfeiting one with the intention to lie to Lexus in order to get a genuine one.


Selling out your integrity just to make a pittance in “donations” – was it worth it?