Trusted Hackrs Nomination


@Randy_Haddox1 and @ChevyPhil are helpful as well.


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@splattered just going to nominate myself… :wink:


Edited: Woops @nyclife was already nominated. my bad


@BoardWalkNJ [20…]


Is it working?

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I thought it was sarcasm and even liked his post :slight_smile: Still hope it was


Man where is the love. Nobody nominated me? I have even had a front page deal. :grinning: But not sure if Alex has been nominated but i would pit him in there. The usial suspects serm nominated already.


Hi all!

I agree with @Ursus that dealers and brokers should belong to the dedicated “Registered Business” group instead of the "Trusted Hackrs "group. Reasons being:

  1. It is always a good practice to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. If a broker or dealer is granted moderation rights, as much as the community loves him/her, it creates room for doubts against their independence.

  2. We want to reward good dealers and brokers for their genuine contribution on the forum. When dealers/brokers register with us, we will mark them as so on the forum; this badge will make users aware of their commercial availabilities as users interact with them.

  3. We are in the work to build a rating system that will better connect consumers with good dealers/brokers. We believe having dealers and brokers register with us is the first step forward, as this will give us the power to delist dealers/brokers who have displayed bad behaviors. While we cannot stop folks from doing businesses with non-registered parties here, we highly encourage everyone against it.

All in all, the registration system will add a level of transparency and accountability, thus keeping this community safer.

On another note – please do NOT nominate more than one person per post or repeat nominations. You can easily search through the thread to see if the person has been nominated already. Nominations that do not follow the rules will not be considered.

Thank you!


Wow! I fell behind a few days and look what’s happened! This is a great idea and brings added value to the board. Kudos to the generator of this idea. :slight_smile:


@BoardWalkNJ deserves a nomination


WAIT did no one nominate you. @jon all the way


@RVguy gets my vote…

What is considered tier 1 credit?

Oh I meant to nominate both you and @nyclife and accidentally left you off. Whoops…

We can start our own club of non-nominees who have had top rated posts :wink: I’ll never live down that mine is the most viewed submission of all time!


@Benedetto, @Ed_Churchward, @SteveHackr


Man all these badges being handed out like candy…

I’ll have to up my leasing game and get 3 more blockbuster cars off here to qualify…


@Phantomcypher is my nomination :call_me_hand: Man deserves it


@phantomcypher for his once in a lifetime deals
@ng0 for his tesla posts
@Ursus @senwia


I self nominate for my Audi A6 posts lol.


I already nominated you and you have like 12 votes :stuck_out_tongue: @vhooloo