Trusted Hackrs Nomination


I have now changed my Icon to a more appropriate one to cater for the new Trusted hacker logo!!!


@Benedetto gets my vote. #DetroitCarPimp


So are we yay or nay on brokers? For me, just because it’s someone’s business, doesn’t make them any less helpful or trusted… If anything, maybe more. At least that’s my two cents.


That’s hilarious!!! I love it


Of course, but this forum is like a non-profit and they are in a different type of business. Granted, non-profits have businessmen on their boards, so I’m torn here. But will happily give my vote to @Benedetto :slight_smile:


In my opinion brokers provide huge value. They know the business. Not only brokers but sales people out in Cali that post. They help people all over find good deals.


No one argues with that, but this is about different stuff:


Finding deals makes it enjoyable for me.


So, you want to arm our brokers with tasers to keep us (and them from each other) safe ? LOL


In Detroit tasers won’t cut it. I want @Benedetto to drive a Sherman Tank.


A German guy talking about a Sherman tank… Oh the irony.


Just so I’m on the record - I’m comfortable with whatever is decided.

I enjoy being apart of LH.


Same goes for myself



I meant a different type of Sherman…


In a tank top. :slight_smile:


@vhooloo and his dislike for the genesis and s90s lol


Obviously @Ed_Churchward but I think he already is.

If only we could get vhooloo to add the fine print to every ad he posts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I graciously accept the nomination in the form of a $5 donation lololol.:joy:


You get my vote for copy pasting that response to the endless new guy threads with broad questions.


I am surprised no else nominated @chevysalesgirl

She deserves a shout out as well.