TrueCar Instant cash offer: Final update

If you recall, a few weeks ago I posted about an experience relating to the TrueCar instant cash offer.

Most people, including the admins of this forum sided with the dealership (shocker!) in saying they didn’t have to honor the “guaranteed instant cash offer”.

As a matter of fact, the staff of this forum went out of their way and created a new article using very flawed comprehension of the TrueCar legal terms in order to solidify their position that I was in the wrong and that a dealer can essentially do as they please.

I contacted the admin team and pointed out the flaws in their argument and they didn’t even bother to reply.

Having said all this, the case is now officially closed.

A complaint had been filed with TrueCar as well as the Attorney Generals office for my state. The conclusion of the investigation determined that the dealership in question did violate the terms associated with the TrueCar cash offer. As a result they are no longer participating in the TrueCar dealer network + their programs and have removed any links and pages associating them with TrueCar on their website.

A TrueCar instant cash offer is a “guaranteed offer” pending a personal inspection of the vehicle. A dealer can’t unequivocally deny to honor the price.

In conclusion, it is evident that many members of this community and the staff actually don’t care about facts. The staff is in part motivated by their “power” to moderate the forum (the low level staff) and the admins are motivated by the profits they take in from those who pay to post on this forum. It would be a mistake to assume that this website is a place where people can go for accurate information and to not get ripped off by some brokers.

Now let the roasting begin because let’s be honest…it’s already been proven that on this matter many of you have nothing factual to add.


hey, just remember to log out and then log back in to comment.


They should have banned your both accounts.


The site has 2 co-owners who are also admins. None of the non-owner Admins are compensated (in the 2nd run of stickers, we received a free one, but I paid full price for my first one and donated to support the site) — which has been discussed more than once.


I’ve only ever had 1 account, explaining the same IP (only for the last 2 posts) seemed useless.


and by the way, I didn’t see anyone agree with the dealer. I did see a lot of people agree that you picked a fight with a salesperson, treated him like shit, and you came off as a total douche. You then signed in as a “business owner” and proceeded to have a conversation with yourself. I still think you are wrong on TrueCar but don’t care enough because I don’t utilize TrueCar to negotiate.

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I never got paid…and I was arguably the first TH to register on the site. If I got a dollar for every person I helped I could at least go on a Vegas Trip but alas I don’t do it for the money, not yet anyway and I’m a deal junkie that likes to share.


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When you are a difficult client, businesses have no incentive to work with you. Some will reciprocate the attitude they receive. Why do you have an incessant need to prove yourself ‘right’? And filing a complaint with the Attorney General? You are resorting to trivial tactics that only reflect poorly on yourself.

Take this as a lesson learned instead of being defensive.


OP is like the ones that give low survey scores, pretty soon dealers will not do any online appraisals with or without true car.


I never even got the stickers!

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I think this person is not well.

I do, however, grudgingly respect settling getting made fun of on the internet and litigating it with a state’s attorney general.

OP, the plural of attorney general is attorneys general. But I already knew you weren’t educated.


it’s a level of pettiness that you almost have to respect. almost.


You’re further strengthening my point. You’re a “super supporter” and therefore pay to post on this forum. As a reward the staff here looks the other way at all the personal attacks you keep hurling towards other users in violation of community rules. Hypocrisy at its best.

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hey simone, you could bring it up with the state’s attorney general. the hypocrisy on this site needs to be dealt with. it cannot stand.

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I don’t know the original situation on the TrueCar cash offer, and if TrueCar bounced the dealer after your complaint I’m sure they had good reason or the dealers business just wasn’t worth the noise. Don’t know what you will accomplish from the AG in this case but its your right to complain. You could likely just sell the vehicle somewhere else. As far as the site goes, its been so informative for me and I’m sure others, I never benefited from it as far as compensation but did in knowledge and connections.

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I wanted to point out a few misconceptions:

  1. You do not have to pay to post on LH.
  2. I have contributed in the past to help keep the site up and running. It was voluntary.
  3. To my knowledge, no member is getting paid by LH admins.


There is a ton of info on this site (both good and bad), and lots of new members. Moderators / Trusted Hackers have day jobs. None of us get paid to offer advice on this site. I am not here to defend every single post, but at the end of the day, folks need to do their own research instead of relying on just one source of info.

I will continue to offer free advice to anyone that would listen and wants help. I might not be well versed in all topics, so in such cases, I will defer to more knowledgeable folks.

I am a car enthusiast who enjoys scoring deals. LH has been a great resource for me over the years. I will continue scouring the site for news about the auto industry, market trends, and use the available resources as research for my next deal.


So did the dealer buy your vehicle for the TrueCar price in the end?


Feel like you’re missing the point here. It is (according to their TOS) entirely in their right to do a final inspection and then assess based on whatever “imperfections” they find on how they want to modify the offer. They are fully in their legal right (according to TrueCar’s TOS) to ding someone $5k for a small nick if they wanted to. Can’t imagine any part of this complaint holding up in court.

There is a ton of very very valuable information on this forum and there are lots of members who volunteer their time to keep the community running. Pretty sure you yourself have gotten some modestly helpful information from it based on your post history. You’ve pissed on the dealer more than any reasonable consumer should, no need to piss on the admins too. Why not just cut your losses like 3-4 texts in and just walk away after seeing they weren’t someone you wanted to do business with? Seems like a gigantic waste of time. Dealer has so much free real estate in your head.


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