Trophy Garage Sticker


Thinking of distributing this #trophy_garage car window decal to show some Leasehackr pride and as a small fund raising effort. Thoughts?

  • Yes I would want it!
  • No bad idea.

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Trophy Garage [ Photos ]

I’d buy it but can you make it magnetic? We do lease these cars after all :rofl:


Someone may steal it off your car :grin:


I will take it but yes great idea on magnetic or maybe that parking decal material where you can switch between cars

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I would suggest a LH customized license plate frame with the logo/txt instead. Many people aren’t going to want to put a sticker on their car as it might be damaging to the paint. You can already tell by the request for magnetic ones.

Something like this:


I think this idea is better for the stated reasons or offer them both.


That is sick !!! Make me one please now :stuck_out_tongue:


Although a good idea, I actually like @305Hackr’s idea better. I, personally, don’t put stickers on the windows, and don’t do bumper stickers, lease or no lease. I do, however, have a plate frame, and would be more inclined to use that instead.


Agreed! Like the license plate idea!


Nice mockup! Where did you get it?

Quality license plate frames are considerably more expensive to produce, leaving very little room for fund raising effort. We can certainly roll out both. License plate frames may be a better idea for more customized print, such as @username for Registered Business?


i did some photoshop magic myself :slight_smile:

Agree about fundraising, sticker’s will def have a higher margin

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I’m sure people would be happy to donate if you promote a specific fundraising goal as well. I’d probably do that regardless of an item if we are clear about what is needed.

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I personally would prefer a sticker/magnet, since I have a personalized license plate with text at the bottom. But I think both the frame and the sticker would be well received :slightly_smiling_face:


with matte black finish on the plate with the same grey or white color text :wink:


But then I would have to take off the current frame I’m using that holds the film which blocks the automatic cameras from reading my license plate… :wink:

I like the magnet idea.


That my friend is ILLEGAL :wink:

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i need to get myself one of those, i got a $158 ticket on my desk staring me in the face for not making a full stop at a red light before turning right


That’s why there is a wink… :yum:


Where did you get that ? Aventura lol


I need one. Where can I get it. Will look good on my black on black mdx