Trophy Garage Sticker


Haha i was about to say… City of Miami stopped the program back in March. They caught me in Aventura once :unamused:


yes, right on 199th and country club drive. The worst, everybody gets a ticket there.


I believe thats the only city still playing it. I am in Davie and not had issues


I think it would be more subtle without the tagline, or have the tagline inside the lower area of the circle, smaller font, and horizontal.

I like the plate better but would make it say 1% or something like that

Also the money is going to support the website right?


You won’t believe… I had the same exact feedback in my mind and wanted to make a mock-up in paint or something…
But you captured it perfectly :+1:
In for this!!!


You guys don’t practice the rolling stop in Fla? :joy:


Cheap place to get the frames:


If you’re doing a decal, make it static like window film which has no adhesive.


We can always place the sticker on our existing license plate frames, if it was built long and skinny. I’d probably just dip mine chrome or black and drop the sticker on it. That way we don’t have to worry about sourcing the frame (for cost considerations)


So is this happening?