Toyota Tundra $399/month 0 down. 24/12k - Good Deal? Link to the truck. Just want everyone’s opinion on if this is a good deal or not? Thanks!

There have been tons of Tundra deals posted lately. Do a search and compare.

Assuming people are getting the following:

(This ones what you want)

Search and you’d see its not that great… I don’t know what your selling price is but I got my buddy like 6 grand off and then the 3 grand finance rebate off MSRP.

Wow, yeah those deals are so much better than what I was offered. Any leads on any good offers around the OH area that could even be shipped to me? Or should I post asking about that in the forums as well? Thanks for those links to those deals!

Also, editing this. I missed your part about the % off MSRP. He is only taking like 5.5 off I believe

@Jrouleau426 Maybe you can help out?

Im from Virginia Beach so it took a lot of emailing dealers around 200 miles out.

Email the dealers around (Toyotas are plentiful) or just inquire on the vehicle you want on their site (under new cars) then write you got offers and want to match price (make color the reason). Goto Edmunds and check the MF and Residual on the Tundra and make sure they give it to you at that MF for your area. Try to structure the deal like the bottom link in PA. PM the last guy and see if you can get the dealership, if hes able to give you the information.

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Thanks for all the info…So even if they are another city or state, they should still give me the truck for the MF and residual based on where I am correct? I also just messaged the last guy from the PA post so hopefully he is able to help a bit!