Toyota Tundra Crewmax. $259/mo

2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Off Road Crewmax

**MSRP: $**47,900
Selling Price: $
**Monthly Payment: $**259
**Cash Due at Signing: $**1000

**Annual Mileage:**12k

**Region:**Southwest PA

Leasehackr Score:


The Toyota truck fest continues!

Yea, I’m glad I could get in on the fun!

How does it drive? Have not test driven it yet. Any cons or pros? Great deal by the way.

Compared to my 2018 Z71, I think it rides really smooth. So far my complaints are just minor stuff. Glove compartment is tiny and the placement of the middle cup holders is not convenient. Oh and a pretty big complaint, no remote start. How is that not a standard option??


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No remote start because that Tundra model
Is 10 years old. Toyota went really long on the model cycle. Any trucks they sell now are total gravy as all that R&D was paid for many many years ago.

Thankfully they hold their value tremendously well because of build quality and engineering which leads to great leasing. It is a very old truck model though.

For less than $300 a month nothing down on a full size it’s hard to go wrong on a payment basis. Nice deal and congrats.

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Hasn’t this been out since 07? I still like it.

I never would have gotten this deal if I wouldn’t have happened upon this group about a month ago. I was getting quotes of upwards of $460/mo with money down. So, thanks everyone!

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Tons of deals in TX on the TSS 4x4 crewmax. Picked one up myself.

No. That’s the deal I got the other day.

Whats the money factor and residua? Also what bank? Trying to replicate where i reside

gotta be ally

And what about the selling price? Why’d you leave out the meat of the info?

I don’t have the papers in front of me. There was $2000 dealer cash and my $1000 down took it to about 44,500. Then the residual was 86% I believe. Financing was through Ally.

It was through Ally. No idea what the money factor was, didn’t negotiate it. I got the payment I wanted and was happy with that. The residual was 86% I believe.

:+1::+1::+1:for these mid 80s residuals​:+1::+1::slight_smile:

can you share residual and MF? Did you do this with TFS or USBank?

Ally financial

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