Topics go poof or has been deleted?

I was talking to some guy who made a statement about Kia, and his topic went poof after 2 hours. I thought topics get locked or moved to landfill but this is a first where a topic is deleted.

Is that normal?

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It was merged into Help Wanted and unlisted. Poof…

Doesn’t the Merge leave a traces like ‘This has been moved’? - I don’t see any.

And same with Unlisted, it says your topic has been unlisted?

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If it’s the first post in a thread, when you merge, after a period of time, the thread goes away.

The traces of merged posts only happen if the posts moved don’t include the first post of the thread.

Interesting, I can’t find this ‘Help Wanted Thread’ so I assume it’s a private thread like LandFill (Or it’s in Landfill).

Usually I can trace any thread I’ve been reading even it’s been landfilled.

I don’t think I’ve had a thread poof where I’m actively reading it before, I said a (1) on my list and I went there and it was gone. Someone here mentioned DELETED threads so I was curious as it just happened to me.

That’s exactly what I mean! It’s not there.

That topic was about Kia allowing buyouts, and I said they always have…he then whined a little about it, because he might’ve gotten a lemon, and now the topic is poof and I can’t find it any posts.

OP requested to delete the topic as OP found it to be unproductive, since it’s not news.


ah, thank you

So topics can be deleted by admins without a trace

I meant a different KIA topic, my bad lol

Usually upon request. Not norm. for us to go around and delete topics.

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We can’t delete topics, we can only unlist them.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Spammers - [report them here]

A post was merged into an existing topic: Spammers - [report them here]