To all of those who got a 2021 LT1 lease

Notice something when I was cleaning/detailing/coating the car or the first time a week ago. To the left of the license plate I have two “dimples” in a straight vertical line. I would guess its for Euro plate mounting but these “dimples” are only on the drivers side and look like shite. I though the car got backed into something at the dealership. All you guys have the same thing? I’ll try to take a pic when I get a sec. Never seen anything like this before and had a bunch of chevy’s…

I don’t have them.

Thats the trackers from Chevy to find out how you drive the car. Quickly remove them and apply to a neighbor you dont likes car.


Thanks mr smarty pants :slight_smile:

For reference and some pics. Trying to figure out if this is truly a QC issue or not and is still ongoing. See the following for thread and pictures.

Thats like a work email sent that says see below…spoon feed us please lol

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I need to figure out how to post pics but there are several examples in that thread with the original poster having pics on the first page…

Welcome to the world of GM cost cutting :joy:

They’re dimples. Sometimes cheeks have them sometimes booties, and if you’re lucky sometimes right above her tramp stamp.

My 2011 Camaro had these too. Was my only knock for them, very very important plastic rivets holding your entire car together.


Yes, my car has them as well.

Google bumper dimples. Lots of cars have them lol

I have another question for all of the LT1 drivers

Are you guys using 93 or 87 octane?

Manual RECOMMENDS 93 for best performance but 87 will work.

Only 93 on my end.

Premium on an American V8 engine??

87 all the way… save your money for the Busch Beer

#Murica :us:


Always highest octane if you want the vehicle to perform as intended.

Yes got it I’m trying to figure out if its ALL of them (stupid euro plate drill hole pilots) or SOME of them (crappy bumper production/paint). First item I have to live with, second item I’m going to try to get it fixed under warranty. There is a good dealership near me their body shop manager is looking at it today.

That’s not true at all. It’s commonly the opposite on NA engines. Higher octane is more difficult to explode :slight_smile:

I guess I never thought about using 87. All my cars have been some form of high performance/turbo so been using 93 forever. The last time I did an 87/93 comparison was on my 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe, which consistently got 2-3mpg better on 93 than 87. More power + better fuel economy = 93.

This only works if the computer is able to appropriately adjust engine mapping for the higher octane. If it is set up to only react to knock due to lower than recommended octane, going higher isn’t going to help you gain power or economy.

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