TLX Offer Analysis (GA)

Residual: 55%.
MF: .00117
MSRP is 36,425.00.
Selling price is 30,195
$595 aquisition fee, $25 license fee, $3 GA lemon law, $599 dealer fee, $18 title fee, $98 electronic registration,
$2425.98 taxes (GA SUCKS!)

Quoted 450 a month with zero dollars down. I’m very new to this so would appreciate any feedback.


Leasing in GA is a hard sell. is the 450 rolling your taxes into the monthly and if so don’t you are financing the tax. If not I don’t see the numbers lining up.

At 450 a month you could pay for a 30k loan with zero interest.

In GA, do u get Tax Credit back for the residual when you return the vehicle, if yes, it seems logical

No in fact if you buy the car at residual from the finance company you pay tax again because you are changing the title to your name.

450 isnt he best leasehackr score for this car. A lot out there in that price range!

Thanks all - what elements of this lease look bad?

Are there are other cars you’d suggest I look at to keep price closer to $00 a mont (which is hard with taxes in Atlanta). I’m considering a S60 and Q50 - but let me know what other options I should be considering!

Thanks again!

You are missing the number in front of $00

Whoops good catch - would like to keep between $300-400 a month!

The Q50 will probably be your best bang for the buck (MSRP wise)

With the Q50 - I’ve been quoted the following:
Sales price $25661.47
Residual 47%
Money Factor 0.000600
all total $349 a month for 39 months

Still seems high to me? But maybe I’m missing something. This is for a base model 2.0 Q50.

Yes, you (more like the dealer) is missing a lot of something … this is a horrible, horrible offer

Search for Q50, lots of long threads here on a very popular car to lease. Even with your GA tax, you should be able to get something decent for $350/mo, maybe not the Red Sport but certainly not the base model

More TLX (Chicago)

If Honda doesn’t allow lease transfers, that one is moot.

I looked at that TLX - but hard to get it from Chicago to ATL - plus, I believe in ATL to register the car you need to pay taxes again! (Even if paid up front a the time of sale).

When you say the dealer is missing something, can you point me in the right direction? I’ve looked through a lot of the Q50 threads and to be honest, I find myself getting a bit lost in them. I’d like to go back to the dealer with some strong facts to counter his price. Any help would be more than appreciated.


Do you have the MSRP? Are you doing 10k miles per year?

The other threads show a lot of enthusiasm so it gets flooded quick – part of the fun :wink:

Yep - doing 10k miles a year. The MSRP is $34,855 for a base model 2.0 with virtually no options.

I feel like I’m being taken behind the woodshed here!

What were you expecting to pay for a $35k car? From your first post with the TLX, you are already $100/mo less for the same MSRP car so you are headed in the right direction.

One quick way to “test” if you are close or far to a good deal is your monthly (including tax or per @max_g, not including tax) should be < 1% MSRP with 36/10k mile leases with $0 down.

Your next step is to try to get a quote for the 3.0, the 2.0 doesn’t have good numbers

You should also get a handle on how to compute the numbers. That is the ONLY way to not be taken out to the woodshed. It may take a bit to learn but it is worth it as you will be doing this once every 2-3 years

and then you can also use the Calculator. That would make it easy to follow the long threads

Thanks that’s very helpful - perhaps I just imagined that the 2.0 price should be lower. Like I said - new to this! Will continue to do some research and learning. Please continue to share tools, tricks, deals! Your support his greatly appreciated.

If you put in the work, a lot of people will try to help you here!

Will continue to do so. For now, one last question - is there a way to find out if my MF is being mark-up? That’s a bit of a black box for me.