2016 Acura TLX Lease Takeover $220! INC TAX!

I have two 2016 Acura TLX’s (white/brown-7600miles and black/brown-8200miles) I may be interested in getting out of.

Both were leased on 8/31/2016. 36mo/12k $34k MSRP

Taxes for both were paid up front. Lease payment on white-$265/mo; black $220/month

Message for more details

Chicago, IL

Both cars are in great shape.

You are over the miles allowance on both cars. Should have gotten the 15k lease

Assuming they aren’t driven significantly in March its marginal, like 1.7% on one and 3.4% on the other.

12k works better for me. I drive more in the winter months than I do in the summer months.

I got 2 cars @ 12k each as I drive 20-25k miles per year. 15k was overkill for me imo