TIP: 2018 BMW X1 Loaner in Colorado. $46k MSRP, Disc $35k

Just a heads up. Seems like a possibly good deal in Denver for a nicely equipped 2018 BMW X1

$46k MSRP
$35k after discount.

Add $1000 + $500 discounts and calculator has it around $323/month with tax, $436 DAS

Mileage adjustment hasn’t been made, but could be negligible.


These “tips” never pan out when people assume a buyrate MF…you should assume max markup instead

The dealer is going to be confused when they receive 10 emails tomorrow asking for $300 p/m

sorry forgot to mention MF, but this dealer gave me .0166

Should I not try to help here?

This forum helped me with all the details to score my lease, thought I’d try to give back.

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If that’s true it could be a genuinely good deal

Did you get pricing from the dealer? The price you quoted online contains incentives in the fine print.

That is my local dealer and where I’m returning my current lease next month. They have had a few of these with steep markdowns, but their lease terms have been pretty solid above $400 w/$1000 down, haven’t budged below yet.

Even with incentives removed and assuming a marked up MF, could still be a good deal especially because I doubt their ad includes fleet, OL, or a BMW CCA rebate. That is a pretty hefty discount on a nicely equipped vehicle.

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I played hard ball with them to get my $48k X1 posted at $38k plus $1500 in incentives with .00166 MF for $380 including tax. I just paid Acq +1st month + $500 DAS.

Did that last month.

Same dealer just scored this,

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