Tip: 2017 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport RWD - $345/mo

I’m itching to complement my overly practical Focus Electric hatchback with something more sporty, and this doable deal feels like it should be shared. I put this together based on some research from a few sources, and it requires you to be eligible for Infiniti’s VPP program.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2017 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport RWD (this trim is a 400hp competitor to mid grade sport sedans like the 340i, S4, and AMG C 43).

MSRP: $53,035 - lightly optioned
Selling Price: $46,141 - this is 13% off MSRP, which is a great but achievable price based on data from TrueCar for Southern California
Incentives: ~$3,200 VPP - varies by VIN and MSRP, but this amount is just about right
Trade-in: N/A

Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10k

MF: .00026, reduced to .00001 by 3 MSDs
Residual: 58%

Security Deposit: $1,050
Total Due At Signing: $2,221 ($1,050 MSDs, $345 1st payment, $480 ref/doc fee, $347 taxes on incentive)
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): 345

Leasehackr Score: 14 years

I leased a QX60 from AutoNation Infiniti Tustin last year and they were pleasant to work with, offering deep discounts. I verified that the VPP amount estimated is good for them and other Los Angeles area dealers.

Reviews generally say the Red Sport lacks some of the magic and/or engine noise of competitors like the 340i, S4, or AMG C 43, but it’s still a great deal on a pretty good luxury car with some sportiness in its veins.

I’ve not closed this deal, but wanted to share the parameters in case any out there are in the market. Cheers!

VPP is the employee discount program, not necessarily a separate incentive. I’ve used both plans below on 9 Infiniti vehicles I purchased/leased over the past 13 years:

VPP-A/B plans are for Nissan/Infiniti direct employees and immediate family. In some cases, affiliate companies can qualify for this pricing, but very rare since it is the biggest discount. For Infiniti, its $1250 below invoice. All other eligible incentives can be applied on top (for ex. lease loyalty, competitor bonus, etc).

VPP-C/D plans are for suppliers and business affiliates. This is usually ~$250 below invoice for Infiniti, which isn’t much of a discount considering most seasoned customers will negotiate to at least invoice pricing on their own.

Please update this post if you truly can get the Red Sport for $345/mo. This is my next target vehicle, and I plan to use VPP-A plan again.

Not sure how true this is. I had VPP Plan D and the dealership took an additional $1250 off my negotiated price, which was way lower than invoice.

I’ve been working deals on a Red Sport since January. Buyers in the east coast should aim for more than 13% off MSRP on the Red Sport.

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I’m in Austin, TX and am working on leasing a red sport. Have communicated with a few dealers via email and the best so far is about $7k off MSRP of around $59k.

I would want to get in on this deal

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Another admirer of the tech package I see. 7k was about all I could get on first passes. After a couple rounds of “what more can you do?” I’m a little over 10k off, but still not where I want to be.

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Yeah but I can live without it. :slight_smile: I’m not anywhere near $10k and I see some interest waning off. Haven’t really pushed much, just on email.

Well they backed off completely from 10k off the RS like we discussed on the phone. Now they’re solely focused on selling me the premium. For now, I’m at 11k off 51k MSRP (though they’re trying to stack some dealer installed options which bloat the price another 1k).

I now have another dealer at 8.5k off 57985 MSRP Red Sport. They’re looking like the strongest offer so far, but no where near the goal of this thread.

As a separate note, I suspect the MSDs will total $1200 in this example because IFS rounds up to the next $50 increment before the MF reduction.

Just got 10k off in Georgia. Damn. I might be getting a red sport…

The “best price” I just got from a Houston dealer is $50642 off MSRP of $58220. I’ve been told they can’t do any more than that.

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(You have an extra “0” in there, I think)

I’m pretty sure I talked with Crest earlier this month and I got them to 7k off.

Just got to 10.5k off a Red Sport, which is the magic number that makes the OP deal work. This is from a dealer I’ve been working with since January. Going in to sign tomorrow. He is looking to make numbers, so I would imagine he could be open to some referrals.


Nice In what state is dealership

Cool! What dealer and where and what packages? Crest in DFW is one of the dealers I’m working with. I’ll let the tech package go if I can’t get a decent deal on it. Need to keep my payments in the $400 range.

@GeoffD - nice! Post your deal specifics when you get a few minutes (i.e. when you’re not wringing out the new car).


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Crest in DFW was where I had called in Texas. I got 7 over the phone. I’ve got a right place right time deal here in Georgia though. Will post details shortly.

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Yea I’m talking to Crest. $7k was about what I got and no further. Tried a lower package and discount was around $6k.