Thoughts on Slow Mode

If that’s the case I withdraw my statement. I could have sworn that I’ve seen one of the THs post something within the slow window, but if that’s not the case it’s not the case.

I have changed the slow window time before when posting (I’ll occasionally shorten it from the 2 hour that some people choose if there’s an actual productive conversation also going on). If someone else then extends it after, I could see it looking that way.


It’s entirely possible, just not what I’ve run into. TH can post after a thread closes (which we try to avoid), but we are powerless over slow mode once it catches us.

Not really. You can delete slow mode, post and then put it back lol

I think all us @trusted_hackrs have been quite disciplined when it comes to not commenting after a thread has been closed or slow-moded.

From Discourse’s clarification, the slow-mode delay applies to the same person posting on the same post. This means that the delay is not between two posts within a thread, but between two posts from the same person within the thread. I think this is what caused the confusion.

I have suggested to Discourse to make the slow-mode feature less confusing and allow moderators to add an explanation when slow-mode is triggered, much like our explanation for closing a thread. Until any changes is made to the software, I would ask @trusted_hackrs to leave an explanation as a reply when activating slow-mode.

Hope this would clear things up!


I know this is a month after the last post, but the issue here is beyond slow mode. Mods deliberately lie - #48 by hd908 thread is locked, then 7 days later a mod puts their last 2 cents in even though the thread is locked. Whether it’s done to unlock / post / relock or some other means, is just as irrelevant as bypassing the slow mode. Things like that should either apply to everyone or no one.

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Yeah, I added relevant info without commenting. So? The topic is closed, but some may want to read additional info. You don’t need to post in every thread.

Can someone else add “relevant” info? The fact that you don’t even understand what is it that you did demonstrates the fundamental issue.

And if I didn’t post in every thread aronchi still wouldn’t be able to send links to customers, so you are welcome

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The fundamental issue is you. Open new thread about Volvo safety, I’ll post it there.

great mod behavior. kudos, just kudos. the amount of power to takes to drive people to complete insanity is getting less and less with every year.

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If a forum ran by individuals at no cost to you is driving you to insanity I think you need to see someone. Or maybe find another hobby aside from internet trolling.

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I meant @ursus going coocoo with moderation buttons and self serving thread adjustments, but thanks for playing.

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Here is another one coming lol

It was not relevant info. It was a jab. Also useless links as we have already confirmed there are plenty of competitors that are safer than the XC90, Volvo brokers on this forum notwithstanding.

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Can you unlock the slow mode on the bmw thread, I need to edit the post I already made. I know you do it for yourself, and we know you do by your own admission, so please let me edit the post in there.

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You know too much. I don’t. And will not remove slow mode, but you can ask the mod who set it. Or go for a walk for 15 minutes and post then.

This kind of proves the point that you can do it and did do it, so you do know what I’m talking about. And you know perfectly well that there is no way to know who set it, which was covered in this thread, and all of TH ignore it anyways.

I replied to a post about Volvo safety from another mod. Has nothing to do with you, just added new info.

Really? If I have a gun - does it mean I shoot people?

If only you could read…

Not the point, the thread was locked, why is it not locked for your royal highness? If it’s locked, it’s locked. You, and yes, your directly and personally, moderate based on your personal feelings towards individual users, something I really haven’t seen from any other TH here.

You literally just edited a locked thread, you have no leg to stand on

It’s at 2 hours, so someone else edited it afterwards, if only you knew that, and wasn’t a complete ass