Create additional tags for posts

Only half joking here:

  • Help me justify a stupid decision that I already made and won’t budge
  • Having a baby / 3 row SUV (could be a sub-tag of the stupid decision tag)
  • 3rd party buyout rant
  • Market forces be damned I want a $300 a month GLS!

Any thread with these tags immediately gest slow mode and a dump of all wikis on auto-responder

Now make all these 4-6 letters max. Only half joking here.

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usa-nationwide (existing tag) is 14, so clearly 4-6 remark is just your latest attempt at being special towards your individual users, why not take your own advice of “you don’t have to comment on every thread” and follow it?

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I was only half joking, but I see you were not.


You got the last word in, congratulations. Now say something else smart and lock the thread so you can feel all special as usual.

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The more likely scenario here is that he doesn’t keep a count tally on characters in the tags, but that most are in the under 6 range, so he went with that. The relevant comment to extract appears to be “now write that long thread title as a tag”, not “I hate you and the horse you rode in on”.

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As much as I appreciate you smoothing the conversation out, that’s not what he meant as was confirmed by his next comment. He literally keeps following me around, being an ass and abusing whatever buttons you guys have for moderation. He basically admitted as much on several occasions, not that anyone cares. And for the record, I really don’t have anything against he horse he rode in, just the asshole on top of it.

I believe you’re letting past disagreements color your interpretation of current comments. I don’t see the conclusion you’re coming to in the follow up comments.


That would be a nice tag, too. If only you could squeeze under 10 characters?

This is 8 days ago:

Define “past”. I’m attacked for being a negative person for one thread from several months ago, but 8 days is too far in the “past”?

“TheDiplomat” sorry it’s 11, I’m sure you can come up with a brilliant retort about that.

Why are you taking this out context? You mentioned me in and I replied lol
There is no witch hunt here
So much for half joking :confused: :joy:

out of what context? The fact that you do whatever you want including blatantly using moderation privileges to bully people? Or the fact that you follow me across every thread and if something doesn’t work your way you start being an asshat? Once again, you don’t really have to reply to everything i do.

And I was half joking about the tags, but we covered that alrady

This sub is for actual suggestions on making the forum better; not for meta rants.