Mods deliberately lie

Yes, but why did YOU change it to something false to begin with? What is your motive?

I’ve misrepresented nothing. I’ve cited sources for anyone to argue with. The iihs rankings clearly show the xc90 rated as one of the safest options in the class, which is consistent with the discussion everyone but you is having. Yes, the gv80 bests it slightly in two categories, which does nothing to change the discussion everyone is having. Your focus on it not being the absolutely top pick is just a strawman from the original discussion.


No one said its not safe. My point was it is not the safest. Many others are safer, 22 mdx, gv80…Others have caught and surpassed volvo for a long time. Yet you chose to compare the brand as a whole when you posted data that shows others a better when comparing individual models.

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I addressed the IIHS ratings of the xc90 specifically and the brand as a whole because both were discussed.

Go ahead. Ain’t no one stopping you, and ain’t no one going to miss you here.

Bye, Felicia.


Already on it.

Aww, did my micro aggression piss you off? The censorship here is unreal.

I don’t.
We done here?

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This thread gets my vote as the dumbest in the history of this forum.

Change my mind.


I think the only person who is pissed off here is you.

At any rate, I’m done. Feeding a troll is only fun for a very brief period of time.


he also commented on cumrocket and led it to spike 40%…


Nope…I really love how upset you guys get.

Take a pill.

Thanks!!! I wanted that award.

So when can we expect this new site and will it have blackjack and / or hookers?


I send you a pm when its up and running.

Slow mode, before I lock this guy.
Edit: I like Max’s approach even better lol

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Volvo Sets New Industry Benchmark In Safety

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has awarded a TOP SAFETY PICK + to all 2021 Volvo models.* The focus on standard safety systems, including active bending headlights, forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking, sets Volvo apart from other brands. Enjoy exclusive offers on our award winning models today.