Thoughts on BMW and MB customer service and overall experience

Just some shower thoughts// food for thought before we ring in the New Years.

I thought I’d recap on my experience shopping for a BMW and a MB this year. I have been actively looking for a good year for friends and family and much thanks to this forum I scored a couple deals that I am pretty satisfied with (KUDOS to everyone on this forum who contributed).

I’ve dealt with maybe 6 BMW dealerships and 4 MB Dealerships in SoCal over the year and I have come to the following conclusion-(OPINION):

Mercedes Benz customer service is very hard to beat. Aside from an obviously much more prestigious looking dealership than BMW, they are organized, clean and have a more relaxing feel (read about the sales hustle in the next 2 paragraphs) when you’re at the negotiation table (this was at all 4 MB dealerships that I’ve been to). BMW - well…the aesthetics doesn’t come close (it’s not a problem for me- I’m there for the car not how the dealership looks-- and keep in mind I’m still talking about the SoCal ones~~~Unsure about hundreds of other ones out there).

I really really don’t want to sound like I’m ranting- remember- I’m just sharing the experience I had and everything I type or express here is merely an opinion and in no means influenced by a business or any other entity in any way.

BMW salesfolk hustle (like many dealerships)- and at many times I felt very uneasy. Not saying this doesn’t happen at MB, but the pressure is ON when you walk into a BMW dealership. It’s hard to trust someone when they talk to you like you are wrong//liar// when you present them with a LH Hacker deal. Most of us (would like to think) know what we’re doing and KNOW the deal we want (which is the deal that a fellow LH posted). Which leads me to: Honoring LH Deals. I’ve gotten confirms 100% of the time from LH members that MB honored an LH with no problems deal vs BMW - where the BMW dealership either had a sorry excuse, no inventory, or jacks up the monthly slightly for the same car.

BreatheNOT a rant… Just sharing my experiencedoesn’t apply to everyone… Just merely an opinion.

A lot of what I said just now may seem like I am a BMW H8ER. I LOVE BMW cars- best bang for speed and MB doesn’t even come close unless you double down.

Now some of you might say… well buddy- you’re forking out a few thousand dollars a year extra for “Customer service.” I agree this comment might be true. Well budddy maybe you were just unlucky. I agree- also might be true. BMWs are more fun to drive. Yeah! This comment here- definitely true.

Anyways- thanks everyone for hearing me out. And to those reaching out to me for help - I will continue to do my best and share helpful advice-- but remember I’m just a young Padawan. The true Obi-Wan s on LH include @michael @loberant @max_g @Phantomcypher @puinsai

Everyone have a SAFE and Happy New Year!


Executive summary please

He didn’t get good customer service from BMW in So Cal but did from Mercedes. Results may vary by region. I have found both to have similar levels of service in Las Vegas.

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In 140 chars? Well MB good service, bad lease, BMW bad service, sales pressure but good lease :slight_smile: Both cars good.

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Yup. When I finish my book- would you kindly do my synopsis? I’ll pay your a month’s lease for one of your cars :smiley:

BMW of Austin has one of the nicest facilities I’ve ever been in. Coffee shop w/ barista; small theater and bathrooms so nice you expectant to find an attendant to hand you towels and sell you aftershave. MB of Austin is not even close, and the prices I was offered were embarrassingly high. They did have more inventory than BMW, but that might be a reflection of what’s been sold. I’m sure a lot of this depends on ownership and the age of the facility.

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That sounds really awesome! Ill pay a visit if I’m in the area.

Haha thank you, sir… but you flatter me. There are many knowledgeable folks on this forum (and we are all the better off for it!)