Thoughts? 2019 Atlas

Hi all, pricing out an Atlas SE w/ tech 4 motion R-line and the dealer said they have a vehicle that matches my build but it’s at port and expected to be here at the end of the month. Can 2019s still be at port at this time? If I do go with the deal any recommendations on how to lock in the deal without a vehicle?

Also experts what do you think of this deal?
$459/ month
$2054 due at signing (1st month, taxes and fees)
39 months/ 12k miles
MF .00151
Residual 55%

I’d shop around more to compare local pricing as well as inventory

The best deals on 2019s are going to be on in-stock inventory

Thanks. So far this has been the only responsive dealers via email with the trim and options I’m looking for. Any other feedback on these #s? From what I’ve seen in other Atlas posts, this seems fairly decent for a. R-line

Any other experts?

Ok shopped around the last few days and right now the #s are as follows. What do you think?

$2100 due

Are you all set on the Atlas? You might be able to get something newer with a lot more features like a Palisade.

Thanks Max. The exhaust of the palisade and telluride being only on one side throws it off for me.

Are you set on the R-Line? Seems like it is only cosmetic upgrades. I initially wanted that too, but settled for the regular SE w/Tech.

Stick to 36 months and avoid having to pay registration for 3 months

Thanks that’s a good point. When you turn in a lease can you transfer the plates or does the dealer send them back to the DMV for you.

You can transfer them. I have had the same plates on 3 different cars.

I have to ask you to expound upon this out of sheer curiosity. So you would rather have an older car with worse tech and features because it has a dual exhaust? How often are you going to see that?

FNot so much that it’s “dual exhaust”, especially since the exhaust tips on the atlas are fake. To me the Atlas has a more appealing design.

Thanks. I imagine I’ll be looking into another vehicle after the 39 months so registration wise I’ll just need to plan a transfer and try not to lose out on the remainder of the year.

Have you sat in both? They’re in different leagues inside.