These Are Your Most Overrated Cars Of All Time

That Ford is a little bit of a stretch
GIF by US National Archives

Jalopnik daily site generator:

  1. clickbait title
  2. take anything with cult following and shit on it, for “legitimacy” throw one thing that none could possible have touched
  3. watch the shit storm in the comments section
  4. collect ad dollars

I thought this article was more of joke.

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But, you describe the modus for the vast majority of the interwebz.

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On ‘muscle cars’:
“Yet in nearly every circle of car boomers I encounter, especially ones that can’t comprehend how a car even functions, will bloviate about how fast these cars were usually with some bullshit story about how they borderline raped chicks in the back seat of something like that back in the day.”

OK zoomer. At least we have bullshit stories, most o’vem true, and we’re just testing you for how much bullshit you’ll buy.

Wow i missed that…


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Don’t worry…you missed nothing! LOL It’s designed to cringe.

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Yeah, so overrated.

TBH, once i saw the list, i knew it was a joke so i just focused on the cars lol

This article would be a good follow up in the

The negativity and unbridled hatred for the world exhibited by the so-called “authors” (and commenters) on sites like that, make LH’s worst days look friendly and inviting.

They take any topic and spin it into some nasty symbol of evil and oppression, and as usual, all signs point to boomers as the enemy. For people with such an exaggerated sense of self-serving virtue and faux morality, you’d think they’d see the hypocrisy in their blatant ageism. Oh well, not worth arguing with people who choose to see the world through such a narrow and negative lens!

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Who was the pedophile that drove a supra?

Sorry, not a big movie watcher.

I assume they’re talking about Paul Walker