The scarce Infiniti QX55

Nearly-failed “luxury” brand Infiniti tries a weird approach to sell what I think is a previous gen Lexus RX (??), which involves a free luggage set (they truly have their finger on the pulse of this pandemic marketing moment):


This reminds me of when the Q60 came out… I got mildly intrigued because they were bringing a new model and I wanted to see what changes were made to finally modernize their products. Open the door and its just the same tired ol design that’s failed them for years.

You can only get so much water from a stone.


I’m all for finding relative value.

If this leases for a significant discount to, say, an X4 then take this all day long.

If I needed a truck last year, Tundra all day every day. Who cares whether an F150 is on a newer platform?


You make a great point, about value.

Some automakers have realized, novel firsts only get you so far, and best left to niche mfgs (ie TSLA), but strong programs, both in leasing and purchasing is what post unit sales.

Funny how the clarify the limit quantities are only April to july… just wait…

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Funny thing is for certain Lexus models (Including the RX), they are currently giving free luggage away as well. The blackline is available for multiple variants. :chocolate_bar:


The mineral black is shown as a dark purple color… Not sure if it is a glitch or they have always done it that way.

thought infiniti was nissian.?

I was excited to see what the QX55 and thoroughly disappointed they’re sticking to VC-20 and CVT combo with a previous generation interior design.

This is why Infiniti is failing and their sales opportunities squandered.

I understand they’re cash strapped and there’s only so much they can do which is why they backed out of less profitable markets, but they should narrow their lineup and innovate their interiors and drivetrains. Start small with a few evolved models and branch out when you make more sales. Making cars is hard.


This is exactly what I was trying to get at

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I don’t even know who’s making these decisions at Nissan anymore. I finally thought they were fixing things in the post-Ghosn era as they scaled back markets and models and expected them to better focus on what they currently do instead of the Ghosn-growth.

The Rogue was looking decent. I really hope they drop that damned CVT.

How much narrower can it get?

What I mean by narrowing is, instead of introducing new vehicles into new segments with older technology, they should focus on revitalizing their strongest units to improve sales and then expand the lineup. They started that work on the Rogue and it shows, though the transmission is not all that good in my opinion. Standard Nissan fare.

They’re limiting production but it’s not because it’s the next best thing since sliced bread. :smirk:

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Didn’t they just decide to drop CVT in favor of that abomination ZF-9 speed on one of the upcoming models, so basically going from crap to different crap?

I don’t think at this point they have the money to innovate or redesign anything, probably have a ton of parts that they are yet to use up, and therefore keep reusing, and are stuck in a death spiral.

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they are shopping themselves out, except I doubt there would be many takers.

It’s a shame really as ages ago they used to be really nice cars.

So far as I know, only the Nissan Pathfinder uses the 9HP.

Infiniti seems to be hedging its bets on the CVT.

If pathfinder is getting the 9 speed, that means that whatever next QX60 is going to be will get it as well. But the real point is that they don’t have the money for anything “nice”. They are going to keep putting different shades of lipstick on their pigs and hope nobody will notice.

See my comments above where I acknowledge this as their current direction and my suggestion for them to resolve it.

Could it be, the Qx55 was the last of the ghosn era bandaid fixes?

The upcoming interior on the QX60 refresh seems pretty darn good for a 3row CUV. (Biggest useable third row in the premium luxury class).

Once CVTs were programmed to behave more like torque converters, in the real world nobody cares what mechanism underlines their ‘automatic gearbox’… as long as it has two pedals and doesn’t require a clutch or shifting by hand.