The Coolest Cars Right Now Are Wagons


Because Volvo overestimated demand for a long base limo-type luxury sedan built for Chinese market. V90s have $6,750 finance cash, so a nice $60k loaner can be purchased for around $43k, which is right in middle of KBB trade-in value in good condition. And there is also $2,750 cash on lease, but they sell with high incentives.


I have been looking and can’t get anywhere near the monthly payment of S90’s past deals.


Er, I think “shooting brake” used refer to a 2-door wagon until Mercedes corrupted the term by applying it to the wagon version of its “coupe” CLS…


Shooting brake still refers to a two door wagon. Just it’s used incorrectly from time to time.


Because in the past Volvo allowed a-plan on below invoice selling price, and with $3K a-plan extra cash you would be at 16% off (11% dealer discount + 5% a-plan cash) before any other Volvo allowances on a $60K S90 T6. Now it is 11% off (6% invoice + 5% a-plan cash). Also RVs where much higher back then.


Yea RV’s are lower. I found a $59k T5 wagon with a $12k discount and still the payment is in the $550 range with 15k miles.


S90 should be mid-high 400s, but depends on local incentives. Wagons are different, lower incentives.


Wagons are different, lower incentives.

Why is that though? We’ve seen time and time again that Wagons tend to just sit on the lot because the lower incentives mean they’re significantly more expensive on the monthly. I don’t understand why?

If they had the same incentives as the S90 they would sell a significantly higher amount. But when it’s the same or far more likely…cheaper to get an XC60, hell maybe even a XC90 if you can find a really friendly dealer then guess what customers are going to choose?


Because there are fewer wagons than sedans? They still sell V90/90CC

Edit: should clarify - lower lease incentives.


That’s what I was trying to say. Wagons aren’t usually subsidized and therefore sell less. Perhaps if subsidized, they would sell more. More marketing would help as well. Advertising does work. A sporty image would help, more environmentally friendly would work with many. I am hearing more negative connotations to driving SUV’s. Yea, I know very small amount considering how they sell.


Why do you mention “wagons” and “sporty” in the same sentence? :slight_smile:
This is not what they are in the first place.


Yea I know, unless you driving through the African safari, here in the US it’s not sporty :roll_eyes: In the EU, wagons certainly are sportier and frankly, cooler looking.


Hmm I was going to say actually EU has a bunch of very dull ‘Estates’ but then we also have/had:

  • Alfa Romeo 156 SportWagon
  • VW Golf R Estate & Passat R36
  • Audi RS4 & RS6 Avant
  • Ford Focus ST Estate & Mondeo ST220 Estate
  • Renault Megan RS Estate
  • Mercedes AMG CLA45 Shooting Brake, AMG CLS 63 Shooting Brake, AMG C63S Estate
  • Alpina B3 & B5
  • Skoda Octavia vRS Estate
  • SEAT Leon ST Cupra Estate
  • Vauxhall Insignia VXR

….Yeah so maybe Europe does indeed get way better ones.


I am not against it, I just find it funny the same people post about their manual wagon everywhere.


It’s getting harder to find unmolested manual wagons under 100k that are fun to drive. They’re getting up there in age and usage. A man can dream, though.


There are still some '18 V90 R Designs out there but I am having a hard time getting a decent Lease deal. I’m down to about 43K sale price (Finance Deal) on a $56K Sticker (almost 25% Discount all in) but the leases are not getting down enough to be acceptable. I see on A Plan site that there is $6K purchase bonus. Is it correct in assuming that is the difference?, i.e only $750 and $2000 being available on the Lease? .00029 MF and 48% residual for 18 V90 T5 R Design 36/15

Maybe it’s not worth the difference to stick with an 18 with a horrible RV and go with a '19 with less incentives but better RV for a bit more $$? I’m in Maryland

Any wisdom for me?


RV is 50% on 36/15. I even know which car you are talking about. Can give you SM contact there, but not sure if it will help :slight_smile:
Yes, the difference is $4,000 between purchase and lease. So if you really want it, buy it. '19s don’t have any incentives.


Darn, that’s not the answer I wanted but I figured.

Is 43K a decent deal for the purchase? But Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone till I decide. :grinning:


“Normal” discount on loaners is 15-16% off plus incentives, so should be around $40,500 sales price on purchase. This dealer prefers sending loaners to the used cars fleet rather than leasing them. Higher margins, I guess.


its got 1200 miles but he is saying it isn’t being classified as a loaner; Is there really a difference between a loaner and a demo, He’s using A plan