The Coolest Cars Right Now Are Wagons

Wagons rule!

Yep they do. Last year in Italy, I kept seeing 5 series and Audi A6 Avants Man, were they sweet. I miss my 3 series, but it was always a bit small. 5 series would be great. Mercedes wagons are nice as well, but cost an arm and a leg.

I’ve been dying for an Avant or a 5 series wagon in the US.

That’s not happening though.

V90CC is so cool…

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I was waiting for you to say that :grinning: ……and yes they are cool, although I prefer the V90


I could say the same about E63 AMG, but why if it costs twice as much LOL

Wagons are amazing but I feel like they lease terribly :frowning:

There are never any incentives and the car companies hardly bother to market them at all - looking at you VW and the SportWagen and Buick with the pretty Regal TourX

Wagons are awesome, but the V60 would have been a better example in the article

Not in the same class as others in the article :wink:

Nor is the V90 (which is in there)…if someone’s going to write about wagons, might as well include the newest and arguably coolest

Would make sense to throw in something more attainable too (unlike exotica like the Ferrari which isn’t even a wagon).

Anyway that’s my $.02 and my critique of a slightly satiric GQ article is done.

Size & class wise V90 is there, but it’s GQ - of course they show higher end stuff.

What’s all this talk of Volvo!?! Please Audi, bring the new RS4 and the future RS6 over to the USA. I miss my RS4 from the UK and there is nothing like it over here.

As a wagon owner, let me arrogantly say I knew it all along! :grinning:

Actually, I just don’t like SUVs. Wagons in 2010 were lot poison, so I got good deal on a 3 series long roof. With a manual, which is the other reason why it was lot poison.

Trends come and go and while wagons are seeing a bit of a resurgence, the reality is that other than Subaru and the Regal TourX, wagons are still stupid expensive brand new. People just prefer S/CUVs, which are really just jacked up wagons anyway.

If you really want a wagon, wait till they’re off lease and buy one. Especially the Jag wagon - that one is stupid expensive. Volvo, Jag and Merc long roof models look the business, but as others have said, they don’t lease well and they’re very expensive.

A lot of people just end up “preferring” what’s been drilled into them.

VW has a huge campaign surrounding the World Cup. Other than the brand new for 2019 Jetta, it’s all about Tiguans and Atlases.

Think about all the ads for GM trucks…anyone ever recall seeing an ad for a Regal wagon?

You can get a nice 5 series for what the TourX is going for. The residuals are absolutely terrible, and there’s only a couple bucks on the hood for loyalty.

I had a last gen Regal, and it was a pretty fun car to drive. I considered a new one when my lease was up as a result…until I saw the numbers.

Yep, GM sucks at leasing their cars because their residuals suck. Their residuals suck because their MSRP is inflated and is disconnected from the reality of brand perception.

The Regal is in an especially difficult spot, as GM sold Opel (which is what the Regal is) to PSA. There’s not a lot of incentive for GM to push the Regal no matter how good it is.

Buick is basically a Chinese SUV brand in 2018.

It’s all about timing with them. My Regal was about 250/mo. With that said, they took a bath on it when I gave them my keys back.

If they were to lease the TourX for $300 a month (still quite a lot for just an Opel Insignia!) I’m sure they would fly out the door. So annoying. The car companies moan that no one is buying wagons so they dont bother to bring them to market. Well they would buy them if they weren’t actively put off from buying them due to the crazy high MSRPs.

I just walked past a Brabus E63 wagon and it nearly brought me to tears. 850 screaming ponies in that thing :sob:


Wait a few years and it’ll cost the same as a regular E-class.:wink:

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